Claire Loewen

  • Threats Won’t Intimidate Our Muslim Students

    MSA Concordia’s Islamic Awareness Week Goes on Despite Terror Threat

    A letter threatening to set off a bomb in two of Concordia’s downtown buildings was sent to MSA, and to various media outlets on Wednesday.

  • ULaval Divests, ConU Rests

    How Does Concordia Compare on the Path to Fossil Fuel Divestment?

    DivestConcordia has been around since September of 2013—ULaval sans fossiles formed only four months ago, in November 2016.

  • No Need to Be Rich to Stitch

    Montreal Designer Colin Meredith Paves His Own Path Into the Fashion Industry

    “I fall asleep staring at this huge rack of shit.”

  • Construction on Bishop St. Not Ending Anytime Soon

    Despite Snow, Construction Could Continue Until as Late as Dec. 21

    The construction has been problematic for many of the businesses on Bishop St., like the Concordia Co-op Bookstore and Misoya Restaurant. Blocked sidewalks, big holes in the street and heavy machinery have also been dangerous for passersby.

  • CSU By-Election: Your Guide to the Four Referendum Questions

    The Concordia Student Union by-elections run this week from Nov. 15-17. Quorum for the by-election is 450 undergrad students.

  • Emo Night MTL: A Testimony

    How a Non-Former Emo Had a Great Time at an Emo Event

    It’s both a music genre and a subculture, and is generally associated with celebrating and accepting sadness. As one former emo kid told me at TRH bar, “It was a lifestyle.”

  • 99 Arrests At Climate Protest in Ottawa

    Former Concordia Student and Current CSU Executive Among Those Arrested

    Ninety-nine protesters were arrested and issued citations for trespassing from the RCMP for climbing police barricades.

  • Pit Bull Lovers Gather to Protest City’s Ban

    Protesters Gathered Outside BanQ While Denis Coderre Attended a Conference Inside

    If passed, the legislation would prevent any Montrealer from adopting a pit bull, and those already living here would be forced to wear a muzzle at all times while outside of their homes.

  • A Warm Welcome for Homa Hoodfar

    Former Concordia Professor Was Jailed in Iran for Over 100 Days

    The former Concordia professor had just stepped off a plane from Oman to greet press at the Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. After spending over 100 days in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, Hoodfar is finally back in Montreal.

  • A Week in Review: The Best of POP Montreal

    15th Edition of the City-Wide Music Festival Ended Last Weekend

    So we got through POP—trust, it’s easier said than done. Among some of the unlikely things to happen, we managed to scrape by with few instances of drinking on the metro and peeing in alleyways. Here’s the recap on all the crazy shows we went to:

  • Homa Hoodfar Released

    Members of the Campaign to Free Homa Are ‘Overjoyed’ to Hear Homa is Free

    Former Concordia professor Homa Hoodfar was released from Evin prison in Iran on Monday, Sept. 26, after spending over 100 days in solitary confinement.

  • Demonstrators Gather for Imprisoned Professor Homa Hoodfar

    The Former Concordia Professor Has Been Imprisoned in Iran’s Evin Prison For Over 100 Days

    The former Concordia professor has been imprisoned in Iran’s Evin prison for 111 days on unclear charges. She was accused of “dabbling in feminism” and collaborating with hostile governments.

  • Homa Hoodfar: A Global Effort

    Academics Push for the Valued Concordia Scholar’s Release

    The conference, which was held at Concordia on Sept. 7, brought to light the great impact Hoodfar’s imprisonment had on her personal relationships, her fragile health, and the state of global academic freedom.

  • How Concordia Can Help You

    A Handy Guide to Student Resources

    So, you’re new to Concordia—and maybe even Montreal. Everything may seem big, tall, and intimidating. Your first class is in H-649? What the heck does that mean?

  • Homa Hoodfar Hospitalized in Iran

    After Three Months Solitary Confinement Former Concordia Professor’s Health Significantly Deteriorated

    Hoodfar had travelled to Iran in February to visit family and conduct academic research. Members of the Counter Intelligence Unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard raided her apartment in early March.

  • Laptop Thefts At Concordia

    Investigation Underway To Identify Suspect

    The investigation began when the string of thefts started in October 2015, according to Societe de Police de la Ville Montreal media representative Abdullah Enmar.

  • Women and Wikipedia

    Concordia Professor Encourages Students to Take a Closer Look at Online Content

    Concordia professor Elizabeth Clarke gave her Women in Film class an assignment to create a Wikipedia page about a female filmmaker from any genre at any time in history. She wanted to make her students aware that the information they see online is selected by the people who are putting it there. In this case, the people are a high percentage of males and almost no females—a wide gender gap that cannot be ignored, even by Wikipedia.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Why Your Doors So Heavy Tho, Concordia?

    If I’m not mistaken, every door at Concordia is heavy as shit.

  • Ball Bustin’ Bitches Create Opportunity for Women in Male-Dominated Pinball Community

    League in Montreal Meets Every Tuesday

    Ball Bustin’ Bitches, Montreal’s first women’s-only pinball league, had their first tournament on Tuesday at North Star machine à piastres on St. Laurent Street.

  • Hundreds Gather to Remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

    Liberal MP Michèle Audette Among the Attendees at the Montreal Event

    On this cold Valentine’s Day Sunday at St. Laurent metro, hundreds of people gathered to show solidarity for the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women across Canada.