How Concordia Can Help You

A Handy Guide to Student Resources

The Concordia Solidarity Community Bookshop, the Housing and Job Bank, and the CSU Legal Information clinic. Claire Loewen

So, you’re new to Concordia—and maybe even Montreal. Everything may seem big, tall, and intimidating. Your first class is in H-649? What the heck does that mean?

JK, that’s The Link’s office in the Henry F. Hall building downtown. Come visit!)
Despite the scariness and newness of it all, Concordia offers a multitude of resources to its students. These range from a place to find out whether your landlord is screwing you over to free healthy food every single day in the Hall building—and it’s actually good, too.
Here’s a list of some of the most crucial resources you should take full advantage of as a new (or old) student at Concordia.
Birks Student Centre
Sir George Williams: LB-185

OK, this should probably be your first stop as a new Concordia student. This place is for everything from getting a new student ID card, to your student-fare OPUS pass, to course registration, and learning about how to become a Quebec resident (something that can be very helpful). They will help you solve all your problems, and make you realize it’s not as complicated as it may seem. You just need to show up. The only issue is that at this time of year, the line will probably stretch outside the building—so set those alarms early.

Shuttle Bus Service
SGW: Hall building entrance
Loyola: On Sherbrooke St.—you can’t miss it!

If your classes are at Loyola Campus, you’ve probably already cried your tears about the distance from Sir George Williams and are coming to terms with the fact that much of your time will be spent travelling between campuses. This is another reason you want to get your student ID ASAP—you can’t get on without it. The route takes about 20 minutes, but traffic will be a factor here. Buses are wheelchair accessible, and the schedule can be found online. Be warned, it changes during exam season and during the summer semester. There is also a shuttle bus tracker that shows you exactly where the bus is, which can be found at

Student Success Centre
SGW: H-440
Loyola Campus: AD-103

This is your one-stop-shop for everything academic. From one-on-one tutors to study groups to workshops, the success centre offers you all the resources you need to do your best in university—something that isn’t always easy. You’ll also meet other students looking for help, which should help calm any thoughts that you’re abnormal for seeking help. You’re actually more than normal—you’re smart!

Financial Aid and Awards Office
SGW: GM 230.00
Loyola Campus: AD-121.02

It’s no mystery that university is expensive—on top of tuition, students are expected to pay for books and many other fees that can often come as a surprise. That’s where the financial aid office comes in. Book an appointment to receive personalized, in-depth advice on how to plan your budget. They also offer information on bursaries, loans, scholarships and grants that can help pay for uni. There are locations at both Loyola and SGW campuses.

CSU Legal Information Clinic
SGW: H-729
Loyola: CC-426

This is a very, very useful resource. Through the Concordia Student Union, volunteer law students will give you legal information in various areas of law. Although they can’t provide legal advice, these people can refer you to a lawyer if that’s what’s needed. This service is only available to undergraduate students, though. They have locations at Loyola and SGW. Book an appointment here: or by calling 514-848-7474 ext. 7375.

Health Services
SGW: GM-200
Loyola Campus: AD-131

Canada is blessed with a lovely public health system, which is provided at Concordia as well. With locations at SGW and Loyola, the clinics offer walk-ins, booked appointments, urgent care, vaccines, and medical notes. Mental health services are also offered through health services. You can book a triage appointment through counselling and development online. International students can obtain a health insurance plan to access these services, but Canadian students need only show up with their provincial health card.

Office of Rights and Responsibilities
SGW: GM-1005.00

If you’re having an issue with someone’s behaviour on campus, this is your place. Through the Code of Rights and Responsibilities, this Concordia office will advise and assist those who are having a problem with behavioural incidents and conflicts on campus. These can range from informal dispute resolution, to formal procedures for adjudicating complaints.

People’s Potato
SGW: Hall building, seventh floor
Loyola Campus: Above the cafeteria

This is a Link favourite—a collectively-run soup kitchen that offers vegan meals to anyone who shows up, every weekday during the school year. They operate on a by-donation basis, and open at 12:30 p.m. Be wary of the long line, and show up early!

There is a similar iteration at Loyola campus, above the cafeteria in The Hivé location. This also opens at 12:30 p.m. every weekday. The lines are slightly less long here.

Centre for Gender Advocacy
SGW: GM-300.27

Services and resources related to peer support and advocacy, safer sex resources, and trans health resources are available to Concordia students and anyone in Montreal through the Centre for Gender Advocacy. This group also holds campaigns for various activist initiatives like justice for missing and murdered indigenous women, improved access to reproductive health services, and trans health resources. The group also holds film screenings, presentations, and workshops throughout the year.