Claire Loewen

  • 400 Tech Industry Hopefuls Hack Concordia

    Around 400 tech and engineering students from across Canada and the United States gathered at Concordia last weekend to participate in ConU Hacks, HackConcordia’s first iteration of a hackathon.

  • Nifty By Association

    Exploring Concordia’s Lesser-Known Student Associations

    Featuring some of Concordia’s lesser known student associations.

  • To Rent or Not to Rent

    Students looking for an apartment in Montreal typically have to trust that a “potential landlord isn’t ripping them off—but there may be a solution in the works.

  • Marching for Change

    Annual Take Back the Night March Protests Gendered Violence

    On Thursday night, close to 200 people gathered at Norman Bethune Square to participate in the Take Back The Night march organized by the Centre for Gender Advocacy, A Safer Concordia and the Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society.

  • A False Idol

    Why We Need More Awareness About Study Drugs

    If you had the option to drink a magic potion that allowed you to learn everything for your exam in one day, would you take it? What if it was illegal with extremely dangerous and vastly unknown consequences?

    Well folks, this hypothetical potion exists, and demand for it is only going up.

  • Put Gendered Violence at Election Forefront

    In 2015, there should be no question about stonewalling those who perpetuate sexism.

  • Sex Work or a Real Relationship?

    One Sugar Baby’s Story and Whether That Question Matters

    Lauren, 20, and Dave, 50, have a complicated relationship.

  • Busting Out Hebrew Beats

    Hip-Hop Artist Socalled Blends Religious Traditions with Inner-City Funk

    “The first rap I ever wrote was called ‘The Jew Funk’,” the wiry, well-spoken man sitting in front of our class said. “I remember there was this one line where I was like ‘Baruch Atah Adonai, mother fucker!’ Which is a Jewish prayer.” Josh Dolgin smiled nervously and joined in the class’s laughter. He wore a hoodie and jeans and sported a somewhat receding Jew-fro. His tiny dog Poopsie sat on his lap. He was a casual-looking person, though a little jumpy.

  • ~*~Tips for Cam Girllzzz~*~

    “Send me a picture of your tits,” is not something many girls want to hear from a stranger over social media. The degradation and the multitude of dangers are usually enough for young women to know better than to send nude photos into the black hole and onto the international platform that is the Internet. But when money comes into the picture, the exchange becomes less a cry for attention and more of a business transaction.

  • A Hip-Hop Artist Turned Concordia Professor

    Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. The Narcicyst, Tries to Be a “Conduit for Free Thought” in Class

    I could hear the music getting louder as I approached the door—this was not my imagination. MF Doom’s Potholderz was playing full blast on the professor’s MacBook Pro. A short, young-looking man with a black beard, big round glasses and a toque that read “POUTINE” was bobbing his head to the music. So this was the famous “Narcicyst” my friends were raving about, the MC turned professor.