Alex Manley

  • Indigenous Righters

    Three Native Writers Address Wrongs, Language, Genre in Friday Night Reading

    Three Native writers—Louise B. Halfe, Daniel David Moses and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm—graced Concordia with their presence and words Friday night as part of Creative Process and Performance in Indigenous Writing, a string of multi-faculty events to promote awareness of indigenous writing in Montreal.

  • Editorial

    A Tale of Two ‘sities

    The university is an institution in a state of flux. The concept of a university hasn’t ever been set in stone, but universities today, as with much of Western culture, seem to be changing their stripes a little faster than we may be used to. Chief among these changes is a shift of priorities away from knowledge and towards money.

  • Jon Paul Fiorentino Plays With Words, Feelings

    “Shh,” writes Jon Paul Fiorentino in Indexical Elegies, his new volume of poetry. “There are / poets trying to die.”

  • Books Are Dead. Long Live Books!

    Or, a Summary of Reading in 2010

    So Bob Dylan said it best: “The times, they are a-changin.”
    Now, nothing changes completely. All big change is comprised of and preceded by a series of small, often unnoticeable changes. For situations like these, I like to think of the sea eroding a cliff face. Maybe you have your own mental image to substitute, so by all means, imagine it right now, if you think that will help.

  • Listomania

    Top Tens, Tweets and Old Targets

    The Can Lit Blogosphere was set abuzz this past week by the appearance of two Top 10 lists: ten Overrated and Underrated Canadian Authors.