Alex Giardini

  • CONCERT REVIEW: The Walkmen March On

    The Walkmen are a curious case. The New York City/Philadelphia quintet have been producing solid offerings since…

  • POP Montreal Diary

    The Link’s Writers Take on POP Montreal

    Deerhoof, Peaches, Juicy J., Grimes, Mozart’s Sister, PS I Love You, Buke & Gase, Parlovr, Goose Hut, Yacht Club, Dam-Funk, CAMP, Freelove Fenner, Besnard Lakes, Hundred Watters, The Soft Moon and many more.

  • All About the Attitude

    N.N. Brings Albertan Garage Punk to Town

    It’s with a garage punk fury that Edmonton’s N.N. sustain Canada’s affair with loud music, but they wouldn’t go as far to name it as such.

  • Putting a Dent in Metal

    Odium Tours to Support New Album Three Years in the Making

    While Walkerton, ON’s Odium, like many metal bands, harbour dreams of performing on the big stage, they have a soft spot for the small stage, too.

  • On Familiar Territory

    A Homecoming for Sheer Agony’s Poppy Guitar Tunes

    After a handful of shows on the West Coast, local off-kilter guitar pop trio Sheer Agony are celebrating the release of their debut 7” at home.

  • Extreme Shoegazing

    Carpet Brings the Noise to a Vibrant Scene

    It’s always a race for pro music writers and bloggers alike to pen the next micro-genre tagline, to the extent where the actual practice of listening can get a little sidelined. For Montreal-based Carpet, they are content knowing who they are, bringing an innovative spin to the shoegaze table.

  • Weekly Spins

    Point / Counterpoint on Grimes’ Visions

    A look at the 4AD Records debut from local synthstress Grimes, for the lovers and the haters.

  • Weekly Spins

    Take it as You Please

    While ‘mature’ may be a little cliché, to say the band is more accomplished and diversified seems more accurate. Because this is exactly what has happened with The End of That.