On Familiar Territory

A Homecoming for Sheer Agony’s Poppy Guitar Tunes

Photo Francesca Tallone

After a handful of shows on the West Coast, local off-kilter guitar pop trio Sheer Agony are celebrating the release of their debut 7” at home. The four-song record captures the catchy, clangy UK punk-tinged sound they’ve been developing since the inception of their analog studio in the winter of 2010.

“I don’t think we’re a band that gets very nervous before we play,” says singer/guitarist Jackson MacIntosh, adding that the group prefers playing in small venues where there’s no separation between audience and band.

Following Silver Dapple bassist Markus Lake joining MacIntosh and Play Guitar member Christian Simmons, the trio released singles on DIY label Fixture Records and The Khyber Compilation. The self-titled 7” will be celebrated at Mile End after-hours club The Silver Door—a live venue, studio and rehearsal space.

“The best part is that we only have to drag our gear about 20 feet out of the practice room, and that we actually get paid for once,” laughs MacIntosh.

In lieu of aspirations to move on to bigger venues, MacIntosh envisions the band staying relatively the same size, a hope for musical growth lining the modest desire. It’s about playing music and keeping honest in front of an audience.

“Really, the plan is to just keep plugging away while remaining oblivious to current trends and hope that some people somewhere are into what we’re doing,” said MacIntosh.

Sheer Agony with Jeff Barbara & Brave Radar / July 7 / Silver Door / $5