This is Your Rebranding, This is How Much it Costs

Cost of Stingers Recreation and Athletics Much-Hyped Rebranding Revealed to be $160,000

With the Stingers sporting a new look, Director of Recreation and Athletics Patrick Boivin spoke about the economics of the project. Photo Michelle Pucci

In the midst of austerity crisis surrounding the Quebec education system, Concordia and its athletic department opted to invest in the university’s dormant sports culture. The institution embarked on a thorough rebranding in an effort to create a sense of unity between the athletes, fans and students.

Concordia’s Recreation and Athletics department faced some scrutiny, but the rebranding was revealed before its budget was: the total cost of the rebrand was $160,000, according to Chris Mota, the university’s spokesperson.

In an effort to be cost-efficient, Patrick Boivin, Director of Recreation and Athletics, spoke about how most costs were covered by alumni donations and divided into two fiscal years: 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

“Roughly 70 per cent of the money that was spent was all pulled from donor funds,” Boivin said.

Despite disclosing the total budget, specifics of the rebrand are still off-limits.

“If we start divulging, then we start letting out specific numbers with regards to Cossette,” said Boivin, referring to the marketing firm Concordia teamed up with for the project. “What you’re doing then is, you’re going against a privileged relationship that you have
with them.

“No different with regards to Russell [Athletics] either,” he added. Russell Athletics is responsible for the new Stingers jerseys.

Boivin revealed that most of the $160,000 spent on the project went to the production of the rebranding’s five pillars: “Passion, Roots, Adversity, Road, and Hive.” Each “pillar” has promotional videos and posters, designed and created by Concordia alum and photographer John Londono, and involved students and student-athletes.

It has been noted that new “away” uniforms would only come next year for cost efficiency. It was also mentioned that uniforms weren’t a significant dent in the budget, because the Stingers routinely change them every year.

As it is already known, the rebrand was done in order to garner support not only from fans, but alumni as well. The school hopes to use the newfound buzz around the Stingers to get donors interested in sports at Concordia. Boivin admits the school has not properly cultivated their alumni, which has hurt the school in some ways.

“The sports teams will only progress if that donor support can progress, either from an infrastructure perspective or a development perspective,” Boivin said. “Most typically, if not all the time, that extra step that they need, that delta, will come from donor support.”

Boivin, the athletics department and Concordia have more ideas in mind post-rebrand, but they are staying mum on what they are.

“There’s a couple of projects that I can’t discuss for obvious reasons that are in the pipeline,” Boivin said.