No Stingers action this fall

RSEQ announces cancellation of university sports until new year

The Stingers will have to remain on the sidelines for the rest of 2020. Photo files Elias Grigoriadis

The Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec announced Monday that all sanctioned sports programming until Dec. 31 is cancelled.

Concordia soccer, football, rugby, and cross-country teams will not have seasons or championships this year, although soccer and cross-country do have the possibility of organizing exhibition activities.

“Obviously it is very disappointing for all athletes, but even more so for those in the higher-risk sports that are not able to benefit from some sort of exhibition type of play,” said director of athletics D’Arcy Ryan. “However, considering the constraints surrounding university play, it is understandable.”

The RSEQ also announced the decision about university sports in the new year will be made by mid-October. This decision would apply to Concordia’s basketball teams and the women’s hockey team, since games are held indoors and teams can compete comfortably in the winter.

The men’s hockey team competes under the Ontario University Athletics conference, which announced the cancellation of fall sports back in June.

“We want our student athletes to have a great student athlete experience, and under the current parameters this is not possible,” said Ryan.

“We will continue to support our athletes. They will continue to train and practice so that they will be ready for the next time they are able to step onto the field of play.”