Special Issue

  • Tuition Timeline

    Tuition Timeline

  • Un Mot: A Word:

    Le 10 novembre 2011, The Link, The McGill Daily et Le Délit se réunissent dans un effort de solidarité pour rejoindre les milliers d’étudiants québécois qui manifesteront dans les rues. Lors de la manifestation, les trois journaux universitaires distribueront le cahier spécialement conçu pour l’occasion.

  • Breaking Down the Budget

    How the Government Plans to Spend Our “Fair Share”

    There are a lot of numbers flying around when it comes to the debate about tuition fees in Quebec right now—numbers like $1,625 and $325 and $850 million.

  • Another Way to Pay

    Student Groups: University Price Tag Doesn’t Have To Rise

    With students energized and united by student unions and lobby groups against the Charest government’s proposed tuition hikes, funding alternatives—like free education, or at least reasonable fees and better governance—are being proposed.

  • Probing the Propaganda

    The Link Checks Out the CSU’s Tuition Claims

    “With tuition rates expected to skyrocket, it’s important for everyone to be informed about government cut-backs and tuition hikes,” reads a pamphlet distributed by the Concordia Student Union.

  • King of the Blogosphere

    Montrealer François Hoang becomes digital art royalty

    Every morning at 7:00 a.m., François Hoang wakes up, checks his email, gets dressed and—without coffee—sits down at his home office. Then he makes sure that his blog is still running smoothly. With between 100,000 and 200,000 views a week, it’s a pretty important thing to do.

  • Developing On The Down Low

    Independent Game Companies Go For Quality On A Budget

    Despite the presence of the word ‘Arts’ in the company’s name, Yan Pepin found his time at Electronic Arts creatively stifling. T

  • Get In the Game

    E-Sports Gaining Ground, Competing for Cred

    Of those who actually know the term, few take e-sports seriously. E-sports—also known as competitive gaming (as in, videogames)—will never be as professional or accepted as mainstream athletic sports.

  • Inside the Twisted Mind of a Webcomic Artist

    The world of online comic strips—or webcomics—has pretty much existed since the Internet was commercialized in 1995.

  • A Comic Book Store-Y

    Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, the X-Men and Thor have all been big hits on the silver screen in the last few years, but before they were mingling with each other on the DVD racks, you could find them all spending time together on the shelves of comic book stores.