Bibi de Medeiros

  • The Stories We Tell

    Changing the Narrative at the World Social Forum in Montreal

    The World Social Forum 2016 was an opportunity to change the narrative. There’s a lot of bad news being told on the radio, on the television, in the newspapers. Yet somehow, there is a lack of reflection on how our actions are generating these situations—and how a change in those actions can make us part of the solution.

  • These Problems are Garbage

    Trying to Solve Big Problems With Little Soutions

    Humans, especially in developed countries, generate more garbage than we can dump, bury, or recycle.

  • Vote Goddammit

    Indifference is the tool of the dead. If you’re reading this, you’re not dead and have an opinion. Even about politics.

  • Nah’msayin?

    I Don’t Care What You Think About Tattoos

    First of all, the last thing I want to hear when I tell you I’m getting a new tattoo is: “You realize it’s permanent, right? I mean, how’s it gonna look when you’re 80?”

  • Bite Me! Week Aims to Teach Concordia Alternative Food Systems

    Food is the foundation of civilization. We didn’t become sedentary until we developed agriculture, and it is chiefly the demand for sustenance which birthed trade, and later, markets.

  • Concordia Lacrosse Team Struggles to Stay Standing

    The Concordia lacrosse team lost what would be their final game of their season against Carleton University. The loss was a fatal blow to the program as they were subsequently forced, after three difficult years, to temporarily retract from their league.