Environment and Sustainability: An Introduction

  • Graphic Andrew Harris-Schulz

The Earth is reaching its capacity faster than ever before; through our consumerist lifestyles and heightened technological dependencies, we’re living beyond our finite resources.

Today’s human consumption, resource depletion, and pollution levels require one and a half Earths, according to the Global Footprint Network, an environmental research organization.

In a city like Montreal, and especially in a community like Concordia, we are bombarded by messages urging us to “go green.” We are confronted with a seemingly simple solution, but our actions need to be informed. In order to sustain future genera- tions, we need to reflect on our first world consumption habits.

Sustainable development is using what you need without compromising future generations.

A major part of this is for the global north to diminish its excessive habits, reconsider globalization and heed to our own advice before criticizing “developing” nations.

Environmental degradation is a global problem, but solutions stems from local participation. Each of us can reduce our carbon footprints. Our legacy is a healthy planet, and it’s on the line.

In this special issue of The Link, we present you with stories about sustainability at Concordia and in Montreal, and what can still be achieved.

Let’s move forward together.

Check out the Environment & Sustainability microsite at thelinknewspaper.ca/environment .

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