• To draw or not to draw

    The Link looks at the draw Muhammad debate

    Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, held on May 20, spawned a clash of ideals. The day was initiated by the censorship of an episode of American television show, South Park titled “201” for depicting the prophet Muhammad—an act that is blasphemous to Islam.

  • Pushing the right buttons

    Is technology replacing human intimacy?

    My over-sexed partner in crime, Scott Nagao and I stumbled upon realdoll.com, a website that sells sex dolls that at first glance you’d swear were human beings. They have special features like an actual spine that mimics the flexibility of a real person. I was shocked. “Holy fucking shit, I am not sure if that is a real person or not,” I told Scott. “I know, right?” he exclaimed in agreement.

  • Editorial: Disconnected understanding

    Last week, 9,000 academics and delegates flocked to Concordia for the 2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, taking our downtown campus by scholarly storm. They attended over 1,500 events with an aim of “sharing groundbreaking research and examining the important social and cultural issues of the day,” according to Concordia’s humanities and social sciences website.