• Editorial

    We Can Do Better

    For perhaps the first time at this university in a very long time, students are talking.
    In coffee shops from St. Henri to the Plateau, the discussion has centered this weekend around one topic, muttered in the open and inviting debate: the student centre.

  • The Problem With Turning It In

    Site Doesn’t Address Real Issues With Academic Dishonesty

    BRANTFORD, Ont. (CUP)—Turnitin.com, the plagiarism detection website contracted for use by numerous high schools and universities, has been facing severe criticism. Issues ranging from the practical to the ethical have caused some students, teachers and campus organizations to voice their dissent following the program’s use in their classrooms.

  • Misleading Marketing

    Student Union Building Ad Doesn’t Address Fee Levy

    The construction of the Student Centre, or more appropriately, the Student Union Building, is inevitable.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Leonard Nimoy Centre

    So there’s a big kerfuffle going on about the new proposal for a student union building. Sure, it’d be nice to have more couches to nap on and a sustainable meth lab (that’s what goes in a student centre, right?), but being the cheap, broke-ass student type, I don’t wanna pay for it.

  • Freedom to Education

    Student Union Councillor Endorses OpenCourseWare

    Last Wednesday, Concordia Student Union Council appointed three councilors, including myself, and one student at large to a committee responsible for promoting the use and creation of OpenCourseWare at Concordia.
    Why did council vote on creating such an information campaign and what is OCW anyway?

  • Sex and Pancakes

    I went on a steamy date… Well it was steamy up until I asked her to give me a blowjob so I could get hard before putting the condom on. I asked her what the big deal was, while my mouth was dripping wet from vagina from going down on her, and she said she finds sucking dick disgusting, especially if it’s flaccid.

  • editorial

    Rankling Rankings

    Maclean’s has, yet again, ranked Concordia as one of Canada’s worst universities.
    And while it might make framing that Concordia University diploma a little less appealing, I personally don’t take it too seriously. With a ranking system that’s about as scientific as a Fox News poll, Maclean’s should probably re-evaluate its scaling methodology.

  • Freethinkers on Campus

    Concordia Secularists Hope to Spread Reason

    Let’s face it: religion is on the decline in Western culture. A growing number of people—particularly in younger demographics—need more than faith and the threat of hellfire to base their life decisions on.

  • How To Become a Net Ninja

    Über-anonymity on the Internet is not always possible. There are, however, simple steps that one can follow in order to get a close semblance of anonymity

  • Alive, Urban Obstruction

    Pedestrians Need To Butt Out of Bike Lanes

    My morning route is more of an obstacle course than a commute. If I’m not circumventing a phalanx of construction pylons or slamming on the breaks when someone decides to veer right without using their indicator, then I’m faced with another, more perplexing problem: a human barrier.