• Bienvenue à Montréal!

    The writers of the Orientation Issue on Montreal [Vol. 31 Iss. 4, Orientation Special Insert] skipped the most important thing about this city: its specific culture in North America.

  • Sisterly Love for Lucas

    Firstly I would like to speak in support of the newly appointed President Heather Lucas. I have worked closely with her in our sorority Delta Phi Epsilon, and through knowing and seeing her work ethic I have no doubt that she will take the CSU to great heights.

  • Response to ‘PSA Shaken by Resignations’

    In its last issue, The Link ran the article, “Pakistani Student Association shaken by resignations,” (Vol.31, Iss.2, Aug. 31) in which two former VPs accused the president of the PSA, Yassir Aziz, of religious discrimination. They assert that a speaker’s religion was the reason an event was abruptly cancelled, an allegation the president denies.

  • A Solution to Tuition Conflict

    Diego Pelaez Gaetz (“Time to Grow Up”, Vol.31, Iss.2, Aug. 24) is full of questions and impatient for answers. He doesn’t agree that raising tuition is the answer to Concordia’s financial problems, but he himself offers no alternative, leaving it to people like Mr. Osei and his successor Ms. Lucas.

  • Response to ‘Assigned and Undemocratic’

    “Representing Concordia students is a privilege and a responsibility.”

  • The Water Bottle Ban Makes Sense

    The reason that bottled water is singled out amongst all beverages sold on campus is simple: because it is the only drink that is freely available right next to where you are buying it.

  • The CSU opposes increased tuition

    During the Quebec Ministry of Education’s hearing on education, Concordia proposed a 144 per cent increase in tuition fees to meet the Canadian average—$5,329 per year.

  • All or nothing

    While I am proud to be an alumnus of Concordia University, and while I endorse the socially and environmentally progressive views that have shaped many of the university policies, I find the petition to ban bottled water to be misguided in the extreme.

  • Stuck on specifics

    Your story “Student union addresses concerns with student centre” (Vol. 30, Iss. 29, Apr. 6) contained statements by Alex Oster regarding the Student Centre Agreement which are misleading or false.

  • Challenge for change

    Firstly, with our nation at war and no leader with any vision federally or provincially in sight, the humour section of The Link was deeply appreciated. Humour is the most difficult writing to create, as it is very easy to report tragedy.