CFS Against Pepsi

We are saddened to see that Pepsi is advertising their Pepsi Refresh Project on Concordia campus despite the opposition voiced by the Concordia Student Union.

Pepsi also approached the Dawson Student Union about promoting their project on our campus; however, due to their unethical business practices, we declined.

In adhering to the Dawson College policy on commercial advertising on campus, the Dawson administration respected our decision to forgo advertisement of the Pepsi Refresh Project. We are very proud of our administration for respecting the decision made by their students, and are dismayed to see that the Concordia administration did not do the same.

It is inexcusable for the administration to ignore the will of students. Students have the right to decide what sort of advertisements are present on their campus, and student unions are the mechanism by which students have their opinions represented to the administration. We wish our colleagues at the Concordia Student Union good luck as they endeavour towards making the Concordia administration more transparent and accountable for the contracts they sign.

—Amanda Arella,
Deputy Chairperson, DSU

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 13, published November 9, 2010.

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