Shout Out From a Shill

I read with interest the article written by Joel Balsam that appeared in the October 27, 2010, edition of The Link entitled, “TAPthirst, uberculture and QPIRG Dump Hundreds of Plastic Bottles on Campus.” [Editors Note: This is incorrect. The article did not appear in Vol. 31, Issue 11 of The Link but was web-only content on]

In the piece, Mr. Balsam writes that Nestlé is “a new player in the bidding process” and “has plans to continue to supply Concordia’s vending machines with bottled water.”

This is incorrect. Nestlé Waters Canada does not currently supply bottled water to Concordia University, is not bidding for the beverage vending business at the university and has no plans to. The Company does not sell its bottled water products in vending machines. Rather, it sells its products in grocery and convenience stores or through food service vendors. [Editors Note: The Link regrets said error, which has since been changed on the website]

Nestlé Waters Canada is meeting Concordia University administration, staff and students on a point of principle. The Company does not support banning the sale of bottled water on campus. It believes staff and students have the right to purchase and consume the beverage of their choice on university grounds, unencumbered by well-meaning but mis-informed environmental activists and educators or competing commercial interests.

—John B. Challinor II,
Director of Corporate Affairs
Nestlé Waters Canada

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 12, published November 2, 2010.

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