Fringe Arts

  • Get Contemporary!

    Jake Kennedy Gets Wacky With Language

    The Lateral is a humbling reminder that poetry still rules.
    Jake Kennedy, who was the recipient of the 2010 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, throws you into a labyrinth of language, seducing you into a strange world of contemporary theory.

  • Lit Writ

    Workshop Exercise Poem #1

    Editor’s Note:
    In an effort to strengthen ties with Concordia’s creative writing program, The Link will be featuring exercise poems produced by creative writing workshops. Below is a poem from David McGimpsey’s ENGL 425 Advanced Poetry workshop.

  • Poems From Shillers

    Hajnoczky’s New Book Provokes Thought

    I’m a big fan of supporting indie culture. I like giving my money to small bands, though I’m loath to pay for things by Kanye West. It’s probably because I like culture that challenges accepted genre and medium constraints.

  • Eye of the Storm

    Valleys Play with Darkness and Light on New EP

    Don’t be fooled by the name of Valleys new EP Stoner.
    As lead songstress Matilda Perks explained, the EP’s matter-of-fact title isn’t intended as an adjective for the band or their music, but comes from a book by John Williams.

  • Montrealers Make It Big

    New Books by Kathleen Winter and Michael Harris Up for GG Awards

    Kathleen Winter’s Annabel, which is a finalist in the Fiction category for the 2010 Governor General’s Literary Awards, traces the story of a child named Wayne, born with an inherent identity crisis: it has both male and female anatomical parts.

  • Resurrection

    Discarded Objects Gain New Life, Exhibited at Parisian Laundry

    At what point do useful objects become unwanted?
    This is a question that exhibition Grade, displayed at Parisian Laundry, asks its viewer to ponder.
    Grade is a mixed media exhibit that plays with ideas of efficiency versus inefficiency and practicality versus impracticality.

  • Fuck The Police

    Electronic Artist Won’t Be Shut Up

    By bringing an amplifier, a sampler and a tweaked out sense of psychedelic-infused electronica to street corners around Concordia University and the Montreal region, Cop Car Bonfire brings a new approach to the act of busking.

  • Cinema du Parc Celebrates Music

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
    Nietzsche said it first, but Let It Beat!, a cinematic retrospective that will unfold at Cinema du Parc, proves it.
    Without music, a film falls flat, and without film, songs would not have the cinematic richness that infuses their ideals and characterizations. Let’s face it—music and film need each other.

  • The Intangible Quarterly

    ConU Based Online Lit Journal The Incongruous Quarterly Prepares for Second Issue

    Two weeks ago at Writers Read, a question was posed to the Concordia creative writing alumni on the discussion panel about the death of the book. Mike Spry, who runs the Summer Literary Seminars based out of Concordia, was quick to respond, saying that he didn’t think the book would die out, but that the literary journal definitely would.

  • Local Film Gives Montreal Minorities a Cinematic Voice

    Non-art house Canadian cinema gets no respect. Whether it’s us trying out romantic comedies like Men With Brooms, buddy-cop flicks such as Bon Cop, Bad Cop or caper films like Foolproof, you can’t help but feel that the results, no matter how entertaining, are just the goofy little cousins of American blockbusters.