Fringe Arts

  • Black Mountain Aren’t Hippies Anymore

    West Coast Band Go for a Colder, Harder Sound

    Black Mountain is giving Canadians reasons to get excited about our music scene.

    Starting off as that cool and trippy up-and-coming band from the West Coast, they are now catapulting to new heights with global success.

  • Series Business

    Concordia Co-op Bookstore Hosts Local Legends Readings

    Concordia is home to a host of pretty left-wing, hippy-dippy groovy enterprises to better the lives of its students. Consider: the Really, Really Free Market, The People’s Potato, The Hive, Le Frigo Vert, and so on. Well, there’s another one to consider: The Concordia Community Solidarity Co-operative Bookstore.

  • Quick read

    One May 5, every person in the world is struck with a blinding headache. When this planet-wide brain pain clears, the Earth’s population finds itself experiencing a strange, new ability: Sharing their memories with another person.

  • Lit Writ

    The Laws of Humanity

    Life is but a war of the souls,Thirsty for love,
    Hungry for affection,
    Striving hard to be in control,
    To be the one who gets all the attention,

  • A­­n Ode­ to les Artistes

    Celebrating International Artist Day

    What would a world without art be like?
    Whether we appreciate it or not, art is all around us. It is challenging our world, our identity and our consciousness—and just making things more beautiful.

  • Reviews

    In a film fest that takes pride in its weirdness and originality, Bruce LaBruce’s L.A. Zombie might just take the prize for the strangest film. LaBruce’s film is a strange gay porn gorefest that will likely puzzle and frustrate many.

  • Picks

    You can call it a film geek’s wet dream or you can call it movie overload.
    Le Festival Du Nouveau Cinema has been, over the past decade, the most progressive film festival in Montreal.

  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema

    Art at FNC Plays With Sound, Music and You

    With computational matter as his paintbrush, local multimedia artist Navid Navab experiments with sound and how we perceive it.
    Navab studied electro-acoustics at Concordia last year. “No matter what, I always try to make sure there is enough for the audience to delve into,” he said.

  • The Writers’ Way

    Someone once said that the first job of a writer is to give their work away—which sounds like a pretty bad business model, now that I think about it.
    It’s a poorly written cliché that writers struggle with their art, and when they’re not jamming their heads against the keyboard in frustration, they’re having just as pleasant a time at finding a steady source of income.

  • Full Transcript of the Interview With Alexander MacLeod

    Alex Manley conducted an email interview with Canadian author Alexander MacLeod for “Short Listing,” published in The Link’s Oct. 19 issue. Here’s the full transcript of that interview, touching on MacLeod’s experiences as both son and father, how being shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize has changed his life, and the process of writing his debut short story collection, Light Lifting.