Fringe Arts

  • Jam at the End of Days

    Trace Element Rejuvenates Modern Jazz

    It was well past six o’clock on Judgment day, and the groove was just getting started at Wakefield’s Black Sheep Inn. Nothing provided a better soundtrack to the end of days than the Toronto-based modern jazz quartet Trace Element.

  • Fringe Foodie

    Wine, Singing & Pad Thai, Where Else but Nantha’s?

    Nantha’s Kitchen is literally a little hole in the wall, tucked away on Duluth between Coloniale and De Buillon. The petite restaurant is sign-less but is uaually brimming with clientele, they even have a table for two out on the sidewalk.

  • Israel Film Fest Reviews

    Three Highlights from the Montreal Israel Film Festival

  • Frame to Frame

    Films In the Cannes (Part I)

    The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is nearing its end and the film industry is abuzz with stories, reviews, pictures, rumors and Lars von Trier’s latest quotes.

  • Homegrown Royalty

    A Homecoming for DJ Prodigy A-Trak

    It’s hard to walk into a club and not hear at least one A-Trak song these days.

  • On the Road

    Street Musician Scott Dunbar Shares Stories and Music

    It’s been a long ride for Scott Dunbar. After a few years in a band with high-school friends, the BC native hit the road on his own, hitchhiking across Canada and singing folk songs at local gigs. His journey led him all the way to Yukon, where he played at the Dawson City Music Festival and fell in love with performing.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    The Mother of all Mother Houses

    91 year old Constance McMullen is forced to leave her home after more than 70 years to make way for new Concordia University student residences. Not going down without a fight, this spunky nonagenarian struggles to find her strength and faith in God to stand her ground.

  • Precious Life

    The Promised Land Through a Lens of Compassion

    The screening of Precious Life, latest documentary of acclaimed journalist and director Shlomi Eldar, submerges viewers in a different version of the Israel-Palestine reality, one more microcosmic and human.

  • I’ll Talk, You’ll Fill that Notebook

    Between Social Media & Poetry

    “At a certain point, it becomes difficult to discuss literature. To discuss it is like discussing a garden, in that the comments probably reflect more the taste and preferences of the person looking at the garden than flaws in the garden itself.”

  • Weekly Spins

    From New Orleans With Love

    Kindest Lines and Caddywhompus deliver solid records from the bayou