Fringe Arts

  • Lit Writ

    Narcissist on the Esoteric Radio

    For the purpose of this program, we will attempt to engage in extemporaneous, and dare I say sagacious discourse.
    However, without being too grandiloquent

  • Lit Writ

    SHIT HAIR POEM (also album review of halfaxa by grimes)

    The library smells like duck tape; I have shit hair, which explains the hoodie.
    there’s no facebook emoticon to express ‘had sex all weekend.’

  • Instinctual Intellects

    Vernissage Explores the Nature of Circular Expression

    Galerie PUSH will play host to an exhibition curated by Kyle Beal. The basis: circles.
    Out Thinking in Circles, in Circles Thinking Out will feature multi-disciplinary works that specifically integrate the circle or the circular as the dominant element of the work. The vernissage ventures to twist traditional connotations such as time, unity or the universe to loopy “spiritual rings and meanings found at the periphery.” The featured works “orbit a space from the horizon to the belly button.”

  • Montreal Improv Explore Spontaneity for a Clock’s Full Rotation

    If anything was missing from director/writer Paul Haggis’ inspirational 2004 film Crash, which features an ensemble cast of characters exploring race relations in America, it was improvisation. At least according to Montreal acting coach Kirsten Rasmussen.

  • A Very Fringey Holiday

    A Corporate Free Gift Giving Guide

    Hopefully we have reached a time in human consciousness where we understand that Christmas, as it exists in most households, is a big, corporate scam.

  • Layered Take

    Josip Novakovich’s Three Deaths Slices Up Grim Reaping

    Death is inescapable and inexplicable. At any given point death may brusquely interrupt our lives, and this is exactly what author Josip Novakovich contemplates in his new book Three Deaths.

  • Sentimentalists Fools

    Skibsrud’s Giller-Winning Debut More Than Meets the Eye

    Much like winning a shootout against the fastest gun in the Old West, winning the Scotiabank Giller Prize is a bit of a risky move. It can put a bit of a target on your back; all of a sudden, every hack out there who fancies himself a big shot is gunning for you.

  • Montreal, Stuff’d + Mounted

    Gail Scott’s The Obituary Exalts the City, Challenges the Reader

    Everything is alive in The Obituary, moving and shuffling and existing in the space Gail Scott creates. The novel, however, is not for everyone.

  • The Mid-Life Crisis of Duddy Kravitz?

    In 2001, while giving a talk on the art of film, Spike Lee described a very curious phenomenon of American cinema—the Magical Negro. This character is a black man who comes out of nowhere to help the white protagonist recognize and overcome his flaws/weaknesses/obstacles, and is usually implied to have magical powers. He also has the power to appear only in movies that are craptacular (Cough, The Legend of Bagger Vance, cough, cough).

  • Freedom Fighters

    überculture Hosts Annual Really Really Free Market

    In an age of ridiculous commodities like bottled water, free merchandise appear to be a thing of the past.
    However, the growing presence of online sharing has proved that a free market can still be a powerful force.
    Like it or not, we all have a soft spot for sharing.