Margie Ramos

  • Digital Touch

    Touching something from miles away is now not only a possibility, but a reality.

  • Paintings In Motion

    Concordia Graduate Student and Film Animator Alisi Telengut Sweeps Up Awards at International Festivals

    With multiple awards under her belt, film animation student Alisi Telengut is certainly one of Concordia’s proudest exports.

  • My Wish for the Philippines Calls for Aid

    As you may have heard, Super Typhoon Haiyan (named Yolanda by Philippine authorities) ravaged the Philippines in early November.

  • Decoding Body Images

    What Industry Insiders Have to Say About the Portrayal of Bodies in Fashion

    Fashion, music and advertising industries in modern media have long been criticized for marketing body images, from “thinspiration” to “sexploitation.”

  • The NGO Ultimatum

    Acclaimed Activist Launches New Book on ‘NGOization’ at Concordia’s Co-op Bookstore

    Activists and politicians alike have fiercely debated how to properly define and classify non-governmental organizations ever since the United Nations became the first organization coined as an NGO in 1945.

  • The Thug Life Chose Me

    Hip-Hop Karaoke Collaborates with Concordia for Back-to-School Special

    Got some post-Frosh or back-to-school blues? Drop the books and spit some rhymes: Hip-Hop Karaoke Montreal is inviting all Concordia students to attend a no-cover slammin’ hip-hop show—and to take the stage if they’re feeling brave.