Fringe Arts

  • Keyboards Exposed

    Super Synth Montreal Celebrates Today’s Fastest Evolving Instrument

    Montreal’s indie music scene is flying high with the international acclaim of bands like Arcade Fire, Islands, Plants and Animals, and a legion of groups whose names either begin with an article or make reference to wolves. But what about its resident gear-heads and technophiles? Montreal’s synth artists are definitely a more marginal bunch.

  • Apathy is Boring

    Ilona Dougherty Promotes Activism Through Art

    If the personal is political, what could be more political than art? Concordia Alumnus Ilona Dougherty is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Apathy Is Boring, a non-partisan group that promotes youth activism through art and media.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    Faeries not Light on their Feet

    This week, hidden in a far off theatre on Loyola, the curtains go up for Concordia Theatre’s most eagerly a waited creation.

  • Frame to Frame

    Hostile Terrain Made Beautiful

    What does the average film lover think when you mention Danish film?

  • Bright Lights & City Beats

    ///Friction 2.0 Promotes Cycling Through Art

    Claire Kenway uses sustainability as a springboard for a novel exhibit that explores the potential of the bicycle as a musical medium with ///Friction 2.0, happening this Thursday at the Société des Arts Technologiques on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

  • A Little Bit Country

    The Milkman’s Union from Indie Rock to String Quartet

    Sometimes wishful thinking can lead to great things. Portland-based musician Henry Jamison is the voice of The Milkman’s Union, his solo moniker that now has expanded to a full band.

  • For the Love of Vinyl

    Record Stores Around Montreal Celebrate Fourth Annual Record Store Day

    The fourth annual International Record Store Day is happening now, with independently owned Montreal vinyl shops participating in the 2011 events.

  • Art Speaks

    Art Alley Opens the Lines of Communication Between At-Risk Youth and Montreal’s Art Community

    Everyone needs an outlet, a way of creating constructive self-expression that can positively impact their life.

  • Frame to Frame

    Cauterizing Family Wounds

    It looks like the Academy actually got something right this year, nominating the Quebecois-made Incendies for Best Foreign Film.

  • Weekly Spins

    Pressure Rising

    Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart take their grunginess to a higher level with their latest record, Blood Pressures. Despite the group’s rocky relationship and questionable cohesiveness during recording sessions, Hince and Mosshart’s fourth album ends up being their most balanced effort yet.