Fringe Arts

  • Top 10 of 2010

    This album is the drunk guy that just wants to have a good time. It’s the realization that you’re just one of millions—but there’s power in that. It’s the trials and tribulations of a mid-level New Jersey punk band.

  • Native Speaker


    we spent christmas together though you probably don’t know that. during the afternoon, I read a book while
    listening to you and the book was the collected stories of amy hempel and your cover art was three people calmly
    sitting near in a giant ball of fire while hiding behind a tainted patterned glass.

  • Under an Exploding Sun

    Mexican Art and the Borders of Identity

    In a city where earthquakes crack open concrete streets to reveal cockroaches and Aztec secrets, where Modernist buildings stand beside temples with gold walls,

  • It Still Matters

    Professionalism in Practice at the 11th Art Matters Festival

    “Art is sometimes the only vehicle of communication and expression available to artists,” said Helen Arceyut-Frixione, a coordinator for this year’s Art Matters Festival.

  • Pho Beauty

    Gibb’s Book Steeped in Vietnamese Cuisine, Culture

    If you find yourself looking for a way to warm up during the next few months, consider curling up with Camilla Gibb’s The Beauty of Humanity Movement.

  • The Unscience of Sleep

    Nothing What It Seems in Hall’s Certainty Dream

    Kate Hall’s poetry collection The Certainty Dream, which won her the 2010 Quebec Writers Federation’s A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry on Nov. 23, is a strange beast.

  • Lit Writ

    Narcissist on the Esoteric Radio

    For the purpose of this program, we will attempt to engage in extemporaneous, and dare I say sagacious discourse.
    However, without being too grandiloquent

  • Lit Writ

    SHIT HAIR POEM (also album review of halfaxa by grimes)

    The library smells like duck tape; I have shit hair, which explains the hoodie.
    there’s no facebook emoticon to express ‘had sex all weekend.’

  • Instinctual Intellects

    Vernissage Explores the Nature of Circular Expression

    Galerie PUSH will play host to an exhibition curated by Kyle Beal. The basis: circles.
    Out Thinking in Circles, in Circles Thinking Out will feature multi-disciplinary works that specifically integrate the circle or the circular as the dominant element of the work. The vernissage ventures to twist traditional connotations such as time, unity or the universe to loopy “spiritual rings and meanings found at the periphery.” The featured works “orbit a space from the horizon to the belly button.”

  • Montreal Improv Explore Spontaneity for a Clock’s Full Rotation

    If anything was missing from director/writer Paul Haggis’ inspirational 2004 film Crash, which features an ensemble cast of characters exploring race relations in America, it was improvisation. At least according to Montreal acting coach Kirsten Rasmussen.