Zachary Goldberg-Mota

  • Nah’msayin?

    The “Tall Kids” Are Taking Over

    You know the ones I mean. They were tall as children, they were tall until puberty, and then everyone else shot up over them. And then they were just average. Or worse, they were short.

  • Not Just a Girl Band, Not Just a Cover Band

    Hervana Are Bringing Back Nirvana and Riot Grrrl All at Once

    Nirvana was great. I mean, Nevermind kind of sucked, but even that record is good in a pop-grunge kind of way. What I’m saying is, no matter who you are, I think we can all agree: Nirvana was fucking great, and it sucks that they’re gone. But don’t despair, because Hervana is giving us everything we miss about Nirvana with the added bonus of riot grrrl, a great cause and a shit ton of puns.

  • From the March to the Kettle: An Inside Perspective of the Anti-Police Brutality Protest

    Around 150 protesters came together outside of Berri-UQAM Metro to protest against the lack of police accountability on Sunday.

  • Swans at Le National

    If You’re Hearing This, You’re Already Dead

    On Thursday night, I went to see Swans.

  • Ariel Pink Is Way More Than You Think

    He’s Not a Monster, He’s an Artist

    “We are afraid of monsters because they are ugly.”

    So goes one of Ariel Pink’s most lucid tweets. Of course, any sense of austerity is immediately blown off by a silly GIF, sitting directly under the statement, a quick clip of a lo-fi monster, awkwardly flailing about.

  • Housing Fair Discusses Resisting Gentrification

    HOJO sparks debate at Concordia Tuesday afternoon

    Numerous Montreal housing organizations gathered Tuesday afternoon to discuss the growing local concern of encroaching gentrification.

  • Taking Up Space in the Big City

    There is a man sitting next to me on this early-morning packed Orange Line Metro car, who is taking up way too much space.

    It’s eight in the morning, which is rush hour, and the car is brimming, literally bursting with Montreal commuters. People have to shove themselves inside, bristling with Quebecois resentment, no one ever entirely sure how to take up space politely. Most people, anyway, are concerned enough with politely occupying themselves.

  • The End of the Tour

    In 2008, David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest and hailed as one of the most creative voices in American fiction, committed suicide in his southern California home. He was 46 and his death came as quite a blow to the literary world. Numerous vigils were held, a trust was established in his honor and a myriad of shocked, heartbroken writing emerged from his colleagues and friends.

  • CSU By-Election Referendum Walkthrough

    Six Questions Will Appear on the By-Election Ballot

    What students will be voting for during this week’s by-elections