Leigha Vegh

  • Fringe Arts

    Curating: It Ain’t An Easy Job

    The international art world has been increasingly affected by globalization, through the saturation of mobility and communication technologies. International exhibitions play a key role for prominent, rising cities in exposing the artistic activities taking place within them.

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    Leaving the Working Class Life for Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Indie rock band The Glorious Sons have dropped a new album, The Union, an acknowledgment of the members’ labour-intensive jobs before the band’s formation.

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    Creating Art with DNA

    What began as exposing a tiny hair trapped in an artwork’s display case shifted into an artist collecting bits of DNA around the city and creating sculptural portraits of individuals who had left their traces behind in public spaces.

  • Fringe Arts

    This Is Everyone’s Problem

    A dancer flings her body to a wall while another violently shakes a clothing rack that almost topples over her as she unleashes bloodcurdling screams. These are some of the disturbing yet highly symbolic images the audience can expect to see at Unrelated, a major dance production choreographed by Daina Ashbee.

  • Fringe Arts

    The Travellin’ Troubadours

    Folk duo Rube and Rake of St. John’s, Newfoundland, have left their “haunted brothel” to hit the road and perform across the country on their first tour, with a Sept. 25 show in Montreal

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    The Up-and-Coming Voice of POP

    Lydia Ainsworth’s talking voice is just as captivating and soothing as the tracks featured on her debut album Right From Real.

  • Special Issue

    A Guide to Montreal Nightlife

    We’ve picked some of the best places to hang, dance and drink in the city. Though there are many more that we couldn’t fit in one article, this guide should set you up for a few weeks of fun weekends.

  • News

    CSU Holds First Mobilization Art Build to Tackle Climate Change

    With T-shirts with the slogan “Pump Iron Not Oil” strung on a line to dry in one corner, an artist carefully painting a banner reading “Mob Squad” in another, and a student scrupulously constructing a tank piñata in another still, the area next to the People’s Potato turned into somewhat of a makeshift art gallery on Friday.

  • Sports

    Stingers Soccer Previews

    What’s to come from both the men and women’s Stingers soccer teams.