A Guide to Montreal Nightlife

Graphic Graeme Shorten-Adams

Dance Venues

Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur St. E.)
With 10,000 Facebook fans and counting, this establishment is a favourite among the well-versed students of the St. Laurent nightlife. With no fancy dress code, reasonable entry fees, flashy lighting and fog machines, the dance floor (or stage!) awaits.

Apt. 200 (3643 St. Laurent Blvd.)
It’s possible to be in two places at once at Apt. 200. Offering a fusion between a house party and club, there are a variety of atypical things to do, including vintage video games. Challenge your friends to a game of pool, then hit up the dance floor to bust a move to hip-hop and deep house music.

Tokyo Bar (3709 St. Laurent Blvd.)
In Concordia’s urban dictionary, “Tokyo Thursdays” is a term used to describe an “intimate” nightclub (grinding factory) with a pink hue of lighting which adds a certain ambiance to the hot and sweaty dancing to a mix of hip-hop and Top 40 tunes right into early Friday morning.

Nesta (3519 St. Laurent Blvd.)
Nesta is like Tokyo Bar’s edgier twin offering music such as Arcade Fire and ACDC for the trendy and the rock n’ roll crowd, all in one small room featuring exposed brick walls that are adorned with the works of local artists.

Muzique (3781 St. Laurent Blvd.)
With two large rooms, one with strobe lighting, disco balls, fog machines and fist-pumping-worthy electro music and the other a chill R&B vibe, it comes as no surprise that this club was coined a “global hotspot” by New York magazine.

New City Gas (950 Ottawa St.)
A massive multi-level club with insane lighting and heart-racing EDM music all inside a historic hollowed-out church. Just wear everything neon and rave the night away, legally.

Bside (3616 St. Laurent Blvd.)
A tiny nightclub that offers free entry regardless of the time, a mix of music from house to R&B and a terrace in the warm months where you can order a bucket-sized drink.

PinQ Taco (3612 St. Laurent Blvd.)
With free entry at all times, lighting that casts a hue a shade darker than its name and grinding-worthy R&B music, this establishment is usually packed full after dark.


La Distillerie (300 Ontario St. E.)
Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter is an awesome spot to spend your Friday night pre-drinking before the night actually starts. A small yet cozy bar, this place gets packed quickly as groups of friends crowd around the large wine barrels, sipping to their colourful cocktailed drinks served in mason jars. The bartenders are knowledgeable at their skill and can craft you anything from a simple gin and tonic to a Pink Man (a mix of pineapple juice, strawberry purée, rhum, banana liqueur, lime, soda and orgeat syrup).

L’Escalier (552 Ste. Catherine St. E.)
L’Escalier is a great bar if you want to spend your night hanging out with friends, sipping cheap beer and listening to live local musicians. Conveniently located in the Gay Village, this place is coined after its steep flight of stairs that lead to the low-key, friendly setting that feels too much like home. The hardest part of the evening is descending those stairs, because you won’t want to leave.

Korova (3908 St. Laurent Blvd.)
Korova, located on the Main, is a fun and vibrant bar that hosts daily themed nights. From Sunday Quiz Nights to Thursday Motown and Hip-Hop Fridays, this place has something for everyone.

Le Saint-Sulpice (1680 St. Denis St.)
The Saint-Sulpice Terrace is a mandatory passage for all newly settled Montrealers. Famous for their large stock of imported beers and terrace, this place is great to gather with friends and spend the night in conversation around food and drinks.

Blue Dog Motel (3958 St. Laurent Blvd.)
In the heart of the Montreal bar district is the no-fuss, student-friendly Blue Dog Motel. You’ll find familiar faces are on the ones and twos, putting on a dance party almost every day of the week.

Blizzarts (3956A St. Laurent Blvd.)
Also in the midst of the city’s nightlife hotspot, on St. Laurent Boulevard, Blizzarts sets itself apart from the rest of the strip’s clubs with a sort of unpretentious sophistication. Its popular weekly event Get Nice, on Fridays, showcases the best of hip hop and dance music.

Big In Japan Bar (4175 St. Laurent Blvd.)
Not to be confused with the restaurant further down the street, the Big In Japan bar on the corner of St. Laurent Blvd. and Rachel St. is the perfect place to bring your date. Its cozy and modern atmosphere makes you feel like there is no other world outside its doors.

Bar de Courcelle (4685 Notre-Dame St. W.)
If you’re more of a neighborhood person and don’t feel like venturing to the Plateau with all of its Friday-night craziness for drinks and a good time, Bar de Courcelle, on a quiet St-Henri corner, is a great option.

Bar 5295 / No Name Bar (5295 Parc Av.)
This small Parc Avenue bar doesn’t need a name—its homey feel, created by the many plants lining its walls, will make you feel like you’re visiting a very cool person’s apartment.

Grumpy’s (1242 Bishop St.)
This dive bar may be downtown, but don’t let yourself be turned off by the big-box establishments nearby. Grumpy’s is the more unpresuming bar in town. Its warm wood decor and great live music make it the ultimate after-school hangout spot.

Casa del Popolo (4873 St. Laurent Blvd.)
Part of the Mile End music venue royalty, Casa del Popolo offers the better bar setting of them all. It’s split in two: on one side, a concert room; on the other, a bar, complete with couches, a terrace and great food and drinks.

En Cachette Speakeasy (1765 St. Denis St.)
If you find yourself on the beaten path that is St. Denis Street, you will find that En Cachette is a microcosm of elegance amid a slew of more conventional bars.

Réservoir (9 Duluth Ave. E.)
Réservoir serves up some of the best brew in town, as well as great food. It also has a great selection of wines and a good location on the quiet Duluth Street, right off the Main.

Dieu du Ciel (29 Laurier Ave. W.)
A student favourite, Dieu du Ciel—or DDC for the usuals, of which there are many—is a Mile End staple. Though its brew is sold all over the country, the corner of Laurier Ave. and Clark St. is the source.

TRH-Bar (3699 St. Laurent Blvd.)
Feel the urge to skateboard while enjoying your Pabst? No worries, head to TRH-Bar and check out the indoor mini-ramp and pool. Spectators are welcome, just be weary of flying boards.