BoG Meeting Cancelled

If you are a disgruntled undergraduate that was planning to #OccupyBoG this Thursday, you’ll have to wait another month, as it was announced last week that the Board of Governors meeting—the venue for Concordia’s highest decision-making body—would be cancelled.

Originally scheduled for Oct. 20, the official reason for the postponement was that “a substantial number of governors were unable to attend, making a lack of quorum a real possibility,” according to university spokesperson Chris Mota.

“Cancelling a meeting is not an exceptional event. It tends to happen at least once per year.”

Quorum on the Board is currently set at 21 out of 41 members.

The meeting was set to discuss, among other things, a motion put forward by graduate students’ representative Erik Chevrier calling for Board meetings to be televised, the addition of a public question period, and increased seating for audience members in the boardroom.

The highly anticipated meeting would have also been a follow up to the Board’s controversial vote about membership makeup from their meeting on Sept. 28.

In a secret ballot, the Board cut proportional undergraduate student representation down to a single seat at a table of 25, though undergraduates make up over 35,000 of the 53,000-person Concordia community.

Student representatives walked out of the Sept. 28 meeting in protest.

The next board meeting will take place Nov. 17, at 8:00 a.m. in EV-2.260.