The Occupiers Project

Photos Peter Haeghaert

Photojournalist Peter Haeghaert spent the better part of his week camping out at Occupy Montreal, capturing the faces of protestors he met.

Hoping to discover more about the movement that has gained international traction, Haeghaert said he felt it was important to document. “There’s this sense that it’s something big we’re a part of, the people there seem very aware of that,” he said.

Capturing the “crazy mix of stereotypical activist-types, young people, old people, lots of students […] and significant groups of homeless down there,” Haeghaert explained that, “everyone gets along. It’s so cohesive. And every night there’s a festive atmosphere.”

His photos are not so much about what he personally took away from the experience, but about disseminating the message.

“I’m kind of on the fence in terms of where I think this thing is going to go, but I do think that it is a good cause,” he said. “My part is to make a project that shows a different side of the movement. It doesn’t touch too much on politics, but gives it a human aspect, a human light.”

Haeghaert plans on getting in touch with Occupiers internationally to expand on his project.