Josh Davidson

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    Eating Island Heat

    Have you ever felt the sway of a palm tree tickle the roof of your mouth? Well, neither have I.

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    An Ancient Marriage

    As a species we’ve been eating ever since, well…we first emerged as cellular life forms.

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    Tapas, Storytelling and Debates about Food

    So one night you ate this hot dog around 3:00 a.m. at Montréal Pool Room. It was an attempt to sober up, and you thought nothing of it.

    Nor should you have.

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    Funding Frigo Vert

    Le Frigo Vert, Concordia’s nonprofit food co-op, is seeking a fee levy increase this week. The organization, which currently receives 25 cents per credit from undergraduate students, is represented in a referendum question on the Concordia Student Union Elections and Referenda ballot this week, asking if students agree to increase this amount to 33 cents per credit.

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    Plus qu’un aliment

    What’s in a bite of cheese? Biodiversity, economic sustainability, artistry and pleasure, according to Léa Lehmann.

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    The True Fringe of Montreal Dining

    While Montreal is often seen as a gourmet city—a place to drop one’s Friday pay cheque on all sorts of culinary delights, it is rarely recognized for its enduring hunger problem.

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    Bake to Basics

    Well into the 19th century, the European village and neighbourhood bakery served as more than mere eatery or commodity outlet. Doubling as part-time “communal oven,” it was a gathering point, a laboratory, a workshop—even a place of education.

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    Gastronomie en Lumiere pt 2

    As the 13th edition of Montréal en Lumière draws to a close, there are still many opportunities to engage with the sensory qualities of the gastronomy on display—and many don’t have to eat away at your pocketbook.

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    Gastronomie en Lumiere

    Culinary artistry is back in the spotlight this month, part of a wide-ranging city strategy towards “keeping February fun”—a response either to mid-winter suicides or to the failing economy, I’m not sure. Festival Montréal en Lumière picks up where Igloofest left off, culminating in that notorious late-February climax of creativity: Nuit Blanche on Feb 26.

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    Tasting a Former Time

    When Ken Ilasz began baking fruitcake according to a recipe handed down by his Austrian great-grandmother, he had no idea of the profound connections it might hold right here in Montreal.

  • Slow Down & Smell the Cooking

    Looking Past the Mythology of Sustainable Food

    What is sustainable food? Ask that question of a few local chefs, activists or scholars, and you’ll swiftly be dissuaded from trying to define it. The term, it seems, is a less achievable ideal than sad symptom—its very existence a nod to the disastrous state of the global food system.

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    Steak-Frites or Steak-Frites

    The last time I visited a restaurant with only two menu options, I was in Penn Station. You had to eat both choices standing up. It was hardly a restaurant and its offerings hardly constituted a menu.

  • Dance That Hangover Away

    Eggs With a Side of Vibe at Disco Déjeuner

    Nouveau Palais owes its recent success to one simple thing. Vibe. It’s a subtle attribute, one many restaurants try too hard at and subsequently fail to achieve. But Nouveau Palais has, by all accounts, nailed it, and though it had hit me on several previous late-night visits, my séjour at Disco Déjeuner this past Saturday simply confirmed it.

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    Let the Chef Headline

    As you can probably glean from the name, SAT’s current focus on culinary innovation takes the cozy wintry form of the indoor apéritif: offering a warm dynamism to those bleak hivernale hours of retreating light. A riff off the traditional 5 à 7 happy hour featured at many a brasserie Montréalaise, FoodLab 5@10 offers a weekly thematic tasting menu paired with a carte of natural (mostly Québec) wines, all in their brand-new 3rd floor tech-heavy environment. It’s a freshly-spun selection of small plates, best described as ‘dinner…ish.’

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    An Anarchist Oasis

    Nestled inside the labyrinth that is the Pavillon Hubert-Aquin at the Université du Québec à Montréal lies an anarchist oasis. Deep within UQAM’s Human Sciences facility—whose drab layout belies its outspoken revolutionary namesake, Quebec author Hubert Aquin—I have become completely lost. Only the third person I stop shows the slightest hint of recognition at…

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    Delectable Free Screenings

    You may find yourselves asking entirely new questions. Questions, perhaps, of a theatrical nature: “Can food perform the same role as a movie star?” Of a social nature: “How can film further food?”Or, most annoyingly to your dearest friends, of a Deleuzian nature: “How is food a becoming-film and film a becoming-food?”

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    Conferences, Concerts and Croque-Croissants

    It’s amazing where the 80 can land you. That’s the 80 du Parc bus, one of the most enduring routes on our fair island, chugging hundreds of times daily up and down the eight kilometre stretch linking downtown’s Place-des-Arts with the Métropolitain highway.

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    Everything Is Nourishment, Pt. 2

    Tacked on a wall inside the NDG Food Depot’s bustling front office is a massive drawing on a white sheet of bristol board. Large, bubbly coloured-marker digits illuminate the wall with a stark calculation: the average 1 1/2 apartment rental price in Montreal, subtracted from the average monthly welfare check.

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    Everything Is Nourishment

    As you walk west down de Maisonneuve Blvd., past Decarie St., following the ragged fence, you come across a slew of auto shops, the odd commuter train, several impatient drivers and a handful of hardy cyclists. But when you reach the corner of Oxford Ave., an unexpected oasis emerges: an otherwise nondescript building turned vibrant.

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    Gourmet, Free, and Right Under Your Nose

    It’s midday, and the Hive is bustling. The second-floor student lounge at Loyola campus is filled with a steady crowd of diners, and every couch, table and counter seat is occupied.