Elysha del Giusto-Enos

  • Indie Kids Can Jump

    Musicians, Athletes to Face Off in Charity Basketball Game

    At 6’4” and a half, Win Butler, lead singer of the Arcade Fire, is an imposing presence on stage, but on the court, he might be a little on the short side.

  • The Evolution of a Festival

    A Decade Later, POP Montreal is Still Surprising

    Opera. Educational symposiums. R. Kelly covers. Even a sporting event. If there’s one umbrella under which these disparate activities can occur, it’s POP Montreal’s.

  • Event Listings September 12 to 18

    The Link’s Event Picks for the Upcoming Week

    The Link’s Event Picks for the Upcoming Week

  • Me(n) First

    Why Women Participating in Society is Suddenly a Problem

    The assertion that women are becoming the new men usually follows a fear that maltreatment traditionally directed at them will now flow the other way. Somehow this makes both genders uncomfortable…

  • The Racial Spectrum

    Metachroma Seeks Colour Balance Onstage

    Theatre has an interesting idea of what’s normal. For centuries, women’s roles were played by men, and for the past few decades having one actor of colour in a cast was considered progressive.

  • Event Listings September 5 to 11

    The Link’s Event Picks for the Upcoming Week

    Music, performance, visual art and more happening in Montreal.

  • Xenonomics

    First They Came for the Immigrants, and I Did Not Speak Up—Because Times Were Tough

    Strained economies leading to a rise in xenophobic attitudes is not a trend unique to Quebec. It’s a knee-jerk reaction around the world. Defining what we are by pointing to another group and demonizing them has been popular since society began.

  • Gone in 60 Seconds

    Uniquely Montreal Short Film Fest M60 Makes Everyone a Filmmaker

    Many big promises have been made under the moon in a night sky, but when a group of friends were sitting on Mount Royal waiting for an eclipse in 2008, the idea of a new film festival actually stuck.

  • Ganging Up on PQ and Liberals

    Language, Tuition and Separatism Hot Topics at Student Union-Hosted Debate

    Following a well-developed party playbook, the answers came easily for the Parti Québécois and Liberal candidates at Thursday night’s English-language…

  • Getting Back to Music

    Concordia Alumni Mix and Mash their Sounds

    Their day jobs are in marketing, acting and research, but onstage at Le Piranha Bar this Sunday three Concordia grads are returning to their first love with 50 Shades of Music.

  • Education Interrupting Tradition

    Grand Comme le Baobab Features Organic Filmmaking in Senegal

    Cultural progress in Senegal has split the collective values of many villages and is explored in the film Grand comme le Baobab which has its world premiere at the Montreal World Film festival this week.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Construction Criticism

    There must be dinosaur bones below de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. The city has been digging and excavating the stretch between St. Marc St. and Mackay St. for months but still—nothing to show off at the museum of natural history.

  • Socially-Conscious Style

    Sustainable Fashion at the Ethik BGC Show

    In a time when fast fashion and sweatshops have stained the clothing industry Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design is presenting Ethik BGC, a show dedicated to ethical stylings.

  • Hi, Rollers

    Bones Break and Teams Grow in Montreal’s Derby League

    The girl in the gold booty-shorts means business. She knocks down the other team’s small, point-making jammer, who goes by the name “Saucisse.” The jammer smacks into the middle of an eight-skater clump—careful to keep her fingers tucked in as the…

  • Fantasia World

    Film Fest’s Month-Long Takeover Begins

    Fantasia is Christmas in July for film lovers. The festival has introduced local audiences to high-quality, unique films they would never normally see while boosting the careers of emerging auteurs along the way.

  • Readings in a Party

    Beat-Style Performance Enlivens Lit Scene

    The party unapologetically proclaims “This is Happening Whether You Like it or Not,” but you probably will. The second installment of the…

  • Six-String Innovators

    6th Annual Guitar Show a Must for Musicians

    This weekend the Montreal International Jazz Festival is hosting one of the most expansive guitar shows in North America, the 6th Montreal Guitar Show.

  • Your Guide to FRINGE Fest

    Reviewing what the Montreal Fringe has to Offer

    The 22nd St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival has hosted one-off shows and events throughout the month and is now in full swing. Dance, music, comedy and theatre might be the building blocks of the fest, but the never-ending party is the glue.

  • Hip Hop McGill

    YouTube Success Finds Filmmakers Who Focus On The Positive

    The past year has seen protests, gross mismanagement and internal conflict at many Quebec schools, but one group of McGill students is breaking from the rhetoric and showcasing the up-side of their university experience.

  • May Arts Calendar

    A Sample of What’s On in Montreal

    The Link picks for upcoming arts events in Montreal