Elysha del Giusto-Enos

  • Corruption, Misinformation and Sex

    Requiem Pour un Trompettiste Inspired by Film Noir, Political Scandal

    The play starts in a hotel room with a beautiful naked woman getting out of bed, lighting a cigarette, and taking a swig of whiskey.

  • Prostitutes for the American Dream

    NTS Revives Albee’s Absurdism

    Nearly 50 years before shoppers were pepper-spraying each other to get at the best sale, legendary American playwright Edward Albee wrote a dark adaptation of Giles Cooper’s Everything in the Garden – a scathing critique of the era’s growing consumerism. The National Theatre School…

  • Updating a Forgotten Play

    Artists Breathe New Life into Witchcraft, the Last Witch Hanging in Britain

    Witchcraft, a rarely produced 19th century Scottish play, has been revived by Concordia researchers and is being preformed as the sum of three years of work this week. Associate professor Louis Patrick Leroux and PhD student Cristina Iovita are overseeing a team of designers, multimedia technicians, and a cast of 23 actors.

  • An African Odyssey in Montreal

    Journey With Black Theatre Workshop’s Unique Style

    Few immigrants would come to Canada if they thought a crumbling economy was going to leave them homeless. In Black Theatre Workshop’s latest production, Stori Ya, that’s exactly what happens, however. The play, which recounts the journey of a woman forced to first leave her country, then her house, is told through song, dance, and stories.

  • Exit the Eatery

    Brochetterie Rodos to Be Replaced by Condos

    The landmark Côte-des-Neiges restaurant Brochetterie Rodos was still operating, as it had for 30 years on Queen Mary Rd., when the wrecking ball came for it in the early morning of Oct. 17. Rodos’ owner Christina Yotis was awaiting a judicial hearing concerning her eviction by condo developers, Allprime Property Inc.

  • Reaching Out & Reaching In

    Lara Kramer Premieres of good moral character at the MAI

    Concordia grad Lara Kramer works to touch the unspoken parts of our relationships in of good moral character, her latest choreography, which examines the intimacy of domestic relationships with the themes of obsession, instability, isolation and violence…

  • SSMU Holds Tuition Hike Summit

    The Student Society of McGill University hosted an open forum on Friday to strategize against Quebec’s proposed tuition hikes.

  • PERFORM Center Opens its Doors

    $35 Million Complex at Loyola Campus Ready for Business

    The PERFORM Center is now fully open in the Athletic Complex at the Loyola campus, housing state of the art research facilities, health programs, and training equipment.

  • Woman in Chains

    Stories of Kingston’s Notorious Prison for Women

    A nineteen-year-old chokes herself to death in an Ontario prison cell in October 2007 while her guards watch. Ashley Smith, a juvenile delinquent who was first jailed for throwing apples at a postal worker, has become the latest face of female inmate abuse in Canada.