Construction Criticism

Graphic Paku Daoust-Cloutier

There must be dinosaur bones below de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. The city has been digging and excavating the stretch between St. Marc St. and Mackay St. for months but still—nothing to show off at the museum of natural history.

But Quebec needs more dinosaurs in Ottawa! Keep digging! Until significant discoveries are made, the area around Concordia is being subjected to random excavation. Was it the intention of those re-paving the section between the Hall and and McConnell buildings to create of the least fun rollercoaster in Canada?

After biking through jaywalkers on Bishop St., the bike path dips from street level to sidewalk and there’s a sewer grate near Mackay, which is about 6 inches lower than street level. Wheeee! Worst ride ever! Look at me as I enjoy this reverse speed bump! Also, thanks for the random plants that now separate the bike path from de Maisonneuve. Woo, shrubbery! It’s like a skit called “The Knights Who Say, ‘Ouch, My Knee.’”

And thanks for the amazing rerouting effort that’s happening west of Guy St., where the bike path is essentially an extra parking lane. Look at all those happy cars and vans that are using the right-hand side of de Maisonneuve as an extra parking lane!

I mean, it’s only the way hundreds if not thousands of commuters get around each day, but if three people with cars need a spot to park, into the gutter with them two-wheelies! I’m so thankful for this teleporter. It’s really the only way to travel.