David Murphy

  • Rep, Rep for the Home Team

    Ghasemi Wants More CSU Representation for Stingers

    Rugby player and Concordia Student Union Councillor Emran Ghasemi was left frustrated after several councillors brushed aside his idea for more representation in the CSU.

  • Pucks Across the Pond: National Squad Overpowers Stingers

    The women’s hockey team didn’t win one game on their Japanese tour this winter break, but looking at the opposition faced, their struggles are understandable.

  • Pucks Across the Pond: Mountain Pressure

    Not half the professional hockey players in the world can say they’ve experienced playing in an officiated outdoor game, let alone one nestled in the Swiss Alps—a mini European Winter Classic just three days before the NHL’s version between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Bombarded in the Bathroom

    Everybody needs to chill the fuck out when it comes to swinging doors open to get into the washrooms.

  • Concordia Clinks

    An In-Depth Look at Concordia’s Notorious Drinking Culture

    Temperatures dropped sharply in the past two weeks, but the steps leading up to Loyola’s The Hive were packed Nov. 16, the students divided into those shivering impatiently to get inside and those out enjoying a smoke. That night, a few hundred Concordia students migrated to The Hive to partake…

  • Obey the New Drinking Rules

    Canada Releases National Drinking Guidelines

    The first ever nation-wide drinking guidelines in Canada were released by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse on Nov. 25. The new guidelines come on the heels of information released this year about higher consumption-related cancer risks, and higher risks of liver diseases attributed to the frequency of drinking.

  • Levelling Up

    The StarCraft Community Goes Clubbing

    The StarCraft community comes together for some killing and clubbing.

  • Ritual Psych-rifice

    The Difference in Your Game Might Be in Your Head

    Pregame rituals and superstitions could help build mental strength on the playing field.

  • Scissor Kick

    Debunking the NCAA-CIS Soccer Gap

    Nothing sums up American soccer better than a crowd of 25,000 rowdy college fans taunting the opposing goalkeeper with a chant of, “Hit the weight room, skinny.” It’s a scene from Red Bull Arena, home of the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer, which opened its doors…

  • The Health Mobsters

    This Montreal Business is Changing How You Work Out

    Finding the motivation to work out can be difficult when you take into account the cost of a gym membership and finding the willpower to lift weights or run on your own.

  • Show Some Spirit for the Home Team

    Concordia’s Spirit Team Is Back and Better Than Ever

    In three lines, more than a dozen sweat-covered female Concordia students drop, bend, and shuffle to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” right next to the entrance of the athletic complex at the Loyola Campus.

  • Life Among the Occupiers

    The Revolution Will Be Brought To You By McDonald’s

    The murmur of political banter is heavy in the air, reflecting upon the day’s struggle at the stock market. Some put their feet up to take a load off, others laugh and enjoy a beverage in the lounge.

  • Unhealthy Hab-session

    On Thursday night, the bars were packed. Beer was shared, nachos were ordered and a good time was had, though the Montreal Canadiens ultimately fell 2-0 to their archrivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs. It wasn’t just the beginning of a new National Hockey League season, though—it was also the start of another unhealthy body season.

  • How To Work Out When You Can’t Work Out

    There’s nothing better than slotting a nice hour-and-a-half workout into your day to spice up the monotony of your routine. Getting your workout in the morning is a great idea, you think—or maybe after class.

  • Cutting The Caf

    Expect less caffeine in your favorite pick me-ups

    Health Canada clamped down on energy drinks last Thursday, now classifying the caffeine-infused drinks as food, so more regulations and rules can be imposed on them.

  • A Mountain of Shoes

    Activists Draw Attention to Landmine Victims Around the World

    Don’t be worried if you heard an explosion and saw a mountain of shoes at Phillips Square the afternoon of Sept. 24. The fifth annual Shoe Pyramid in Montreal took place to raise awareness of victims of landmines and cluster bombs around the world.

  • More Than a Free Show

    Arcade Fire Singer and ConU Alumna Chassagne Gives Talk

    Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne spoke about the rebuilding of Haiti at the closing of Concordia’s Homecoming speaker series.

  • Stingers Fall Apart in Fifth

    Poor Pitching Proves Costly for ConU

    A disastrous fifth inning led to the Stingers’ third defeat of the season, losing 6-4 to arch rivals McGill in Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association action on Wednesday night.

  • Dershowitz Defends Israel in Montreal

    Author Says Arabs are Fundamentally Against Two State Solution to Israel-Palestine Conflict

    World-renowned lawyer, Harvard professor and author, Alan Dershowitz—who is best known for defending O.J. Simpson in the infamous 1995 murder case—came close to Concordia on Thursday, but seemed to distance himself from what he once called the “bigoted” university.

  • Books With Spines. Literally.

    Vanier Library Hosts First Human Library

    Though the notion of renting a person might seem a bit unseemly, Katherine Hall, coordinator of the Human Library project, insisted the event is not at all like slavery.