David Murphy

  • Shared Momentum

    Inuit Idle No More Faces Unique Challenges

    For the past three years, Robbie Watt’s job has been to listen to real-life horror stories.

  • The Mario Lemieux of Women’s Hockey

    Ex-Stinge Lisa-Marie Breton-Lemieux on Her Hockey Career

    Hockey Renaissance woman and ex-Concordia Stinger Lisa-Marie Breton-Lebreux lapped a life goal last weekend, winning the Clarkson Cup—for a third time.

  • GUSS Going Strong

    Geo and Enviro Students Vote Strike in GA

    Geography and environment students gave the strike a green light Monday night, voting to continue boycotting classes until its next general assembly in a week’s time.

  • Urban Planning Students Renew Strike

    UPA To Strike For Days Leading Up to March 15

    The Urban Planning Association is keeping up with most of its strike tactics for the next two days.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Trolling at the GA

    While the commotion and political banter was handled in a (somewhat) civil manner on Wednesday, a more—let’s say colourful—conversation happened on the CUTV message boards.

  • GUSS: On Strike

    Geography, Environment Students Vote Yes for No Class

    The Geography Undergrad Student Society is keeping strong with its strike tactics.

  • Bend It Like Genders

    Looking at a Future for Professional Women’s Soccer

    Jorge Sanchez has been a women’s soccer coach at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport and provincial level for over a decade—he’s seen the drastic change the sport has undergone in the new millennium.

  • UPA’s Messy Meeting

    President Hopes to Learn From Chaotic GA

    Urban Planning Association President Sam Carter-Shamai wants to avoid the “messy” General Assembly that happened last Tuesday when…

  • Stingers Stutter on big Stage

    Ryerson Comes Back to Beat Concordia in Losers Bracket

    Ryerson University kicked the Concordia Stingers out of the consolation competition of the men’s basketball national championship.

  • Championship Dreams Dashed in Quarters

    Concordia Lose First Game in Nationals, Can’t Make Finals

    Concordia’s national championship dreams were crushed minutes into the CIS quarter finals.

  • GUSS GA Update

    Chair Threatens to Charge Student Protesters

    Geography, Environmental Students and Urban Studies students are still preventing professors from entering classrooms despite a threatening letter from chair Dr. David Greene.

  • Get in the Pool

    McLean’s Pub Dives Into the Montreal Pool Scene

    Mike Mandanici squares himself behind the lush mahogany wood and leans over it, eyeing the white ball while setting up his pool cue. After smacking the ball home with a loud crash, he strides around the table with a confident smile on his face and does it twice more.

  • Cameras in the Courtroom

    Repercussions for Rioting Should Be Transparent

    Like a referee going over an instant replay in hockey, videos of the Vancouver riot on Jun. 15, 2011 are being looked over meticulously by the Vancouver Police Department, and the viewing public are yelling at their televisions, wanting to be involved.

  • No Gas in the Tank

    Stingers Handed Big Loss After Big Win Night Before

    The euphoria of victory was short-lived for Concordia’s men’s hockey team over the weekend, losing 5-3 to the Ottawa Gee Gees the day after beating rivals McGill.

  • Think Outside the Box

    ConU Boxercise Class Teaches Boxing, Minus the Black Eye

    Terry Brule jokes that when you walk into Concordia’s Le Gym athletic complex, you can hear the pounding music—and the groans coming from those in his boxercise class.

  • Soccer Impact Yet to Be Seen

    All Quiet on the Football Front as New Season Approaches

    On Mar. 3 the Montreal Impact will play a historic first match against cross-nation rivals, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

  • Going Green in the Arena

    Vancouver Olympics Set New Standard for Sporting Events

    The International Academy of Sports Science and Technology is making sure that more than just the Astro-turf is green in sports stadiums.

  • More Than A Game at Loyola

    The Ed Meagher Tournament Brings in Young Stars, Old Families and Lots of Nostalgia

    Concordia students may recognize the name Ed Meagher as the title of the old hockey arena at Loyola campus, right next to Loyola High School and the PERFORM Centre.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Rotating Machetes

    Usually when a clogged artery happens—let’s say, in your heart—you get it fixed. Very smart doctors attempt to unclog it and widen arteries so blood can get to where it needs to go so you can, well, not die.

  • Stingers Stroll After Trouncing the Night Before

    Easy Win Hands Concordia their 10th of the Season

    Concordia’s men’s hockey team bounced back from a 9-2 trudging last Friday to beat bottom feeders Royal Military College 6-1 at home on Saturday.