Ashley Opheim

  • A Very Fringey Holiday

    A Corporate Free Gift Giving Guide

    Hopefully we have reached a time in human consciousness where we understand that Christmas, as it exists in most households, is a big, corporate scam.

  • The Ghosts of Griffintown

    Friendship Cove Takes on New Forms, Lives On

    Tucked away in the heart of Griffintown is the ghost of Friendship Cove.
    Although Friendship Cove, renamed The Cove, has been laid to rest as a public space, the energy of the space lives on through two mediums: Campaign for Infinity and No Vacation Records.

  • Fracked Up

    Cinema Politica Documentary Drills for Answers

    “Only in an Orwellian world would you expect this.”
    Unlucky for us, Gasland does not take place in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, but in current day America.
    What do you do when you are offered $100,000 dollars to allow hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) on your 19.5 acres of land?

  • Author Mary Gaitskill Gives Master Class at ConU

    Mary Gaitskill set her gaze over a room of 30 students. There was a feeling in the room that those present were lucky to be in Gaitskill’s presence; the 30-person crowd was not accidental, but the result of a strict cap.

  • Pretty In Pink

    Ariel Pink Gets Candid with The Link

    Prettified with pink blush, lipstick, sexed-up hair and with his nipples peaking out from a deep v-lined sequined dress, Ariel Pink seduces the camera in his music video “For Kate I Wait,” a homage to Kate Bush.
    This is Ariel Pink, take it or leave it. Either way, he doesn’t really give a shit.

  • Get Contemporary!

    Jake Kennedy Gets Wacky With Language

    The Lateral is a humbling reminder that poetry still rules.
    Jake Kennedy, who was the recipient of the 2010 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, throws you into a labyrinth of language, seducing you into a strange world of contemporary theory.


    Avey Tare
    Down There
    Paw Tracks

    The opening track on Avey Tare’s solo foray, Down There, might bring to your mind strange images of dungeons and other things suited to medieval nights. However, his confident and heavily reverbed voice quickly assures the listener that Tare knows exactly what he is doing and where he wants to take his audience.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Keep Facebook Gossip Inside Facebook

    There’s nothing quite worse than being on a crowded bus during rush hour. That is, until you have someone yakking Facebook gossip on their cell phone beside you.

  • A­­n Ode­ to les Artistes

    Celebrating International Artist Day

    What would a world without art be like?
    Whether we appreciate it or not, art is all around us. It is challenging our world, our identity and our consciousness—and just making things more beautiful.

  • Space Shift

    Internet Is Dead Release ‘Zine About Time Travel

    Carl Sagan would be proud—the music and art world is obsessed with space and cosmos-related things. Local art collective and budding label Internet Is Dead is no exception.

  • POP Montreal

    The Link’s guide to POP hoppin’

    Do you know that feeling of emptying an entire package of Pop Rocks into your mouth? The incredible, three-dimensional, blissful moment that is part sweetness and part, well, magic? POP Montreal offers just that for all of your senses, particularly your lovely lobes.
    POP Montreal is in its ninth year and to those in the know, it is arguably the best festival in Canada.

  • POP! Goes the Free Stuff

    If you thought the never-ending list of $5 shows was bliss, get a load of all the free events planned during the festival.

  • The Sixty Fourth Parallel

    Five Girlfriends Fill The VAV With Souvenirs

    How do you remember summer? How do you access memories that are vivid yet distant in your mind? How do you position yourself in the present moment, with so many moments behind you?

  • Prince Rama to Open for Deakin

    There’s rhythm and then there’s rhythm. If you’re the kind of person who knows the difference, Prince Rama may be the band for you.

  • Animal Instinct

    Josh Dibb on the Guggenheim, Barefoot Hippies and His Struggle to Make the Music He Wants to Make

    “It’s been both a blessing and a curse to be the dude from Animal Collective,” said Josh Dibb, or perhaps better known by his stage name, Deakin. After spending the past couple years apart from the overwhelming success of being a founding member of Animal Collective, Dibb is embarking on a solo project.

  • Meet Your New Best Friend

    The Reading Room Offers Students a Place to Read, Relax and Gaze

    If you are new to Concordia’s Fine Arts program or have been living under a rock during your time in the program, the EV building has a little oasis for you: the Concordia Fine Arts Reading Room.

  • Clearing Out the Mould

    A Summer Makeover at Concordia’s VA Building Creates New Space for Students to Sculpt

    The VA building has undergone some large transformations this summer to the delight of sculpture staff and students.

  • You, an Urban Safari and Performance Art

    An urban safari will be released upon Montreal this week.
    No need to fret. This isn’t your typical pack of exotic animals, but a pack of performance artists and the occasion is Spark, a four day performance festivity.

  • Editorial

    Project Noise is Killing the Music Scene

    There was a lot of buzz this summer about noise pollution in Montreal, particularly in the Plateau-Mont Royal borough.
    Over the past three months, there were 3,000 noise complaints in the area. Notably, reputable music festivals like the Osheaga music festival and a Pop Montreal showcase held at Parc des Ameriques experienced the brunt of new efforts by the city of Montreal to address the issue of noise pollution.

  • Folk Yeah!

    Folk Artist Samamidon is Making the Old New Again

    Known for his impressive re-imaginings of traditional American folk songs and hymns, Sam Amidon—or samamidon, as he’s known onstage—is keeping the folk legacy alive and bringing it to Montreal.