Joshua Rosenbaum

  • Men’s Basketball Preview: Changes All Around

    Stingers Men’s Basketball Has New Coach and Boatload of Recruits

    The Concordia Stingers men’s basketball team is entering an entirely new era of its history. With the additions of head coach Rastko Popovic, five new recruits, and a brand new uniform to boot, the team intends to give a new identity to a stagnant Stingers team.

  • NHL Salary Cap and Canadian Dollar Love Affair

    In the NHL salary cap era, teams have to be smart and efficient when dealing with their player payroll. It forces them to implement different strategies to stay within the strict boundaries set by the league.

  • A Sympathetic Murder

    ConU Alumnus Emma Tibaldo Reimagines Classical Tragedy Medea

    Only a particular person could embody the character of a mother that murders her two children in cold blood and gains the audience’s’ sympathies. In The Medea Effect, show director Ugo is desperately looking for a woman talented enough to play the main character in his rendition of the ancient Greek tragedy Medea.