Sam Slotnick

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    The Well-Kept Secrets of the Aerospace Industry

    Stories like Joe’s have become a kind of tragic cliché—a foreign-born resident with a number of impressive credentials, forced to drive a taxi to make ends meet.

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    Learning More Than a Language

    Akwiratékha Martin’s grandmother, like so many of her generation in Kahnawake, didn’t see learning Kanien’kéha—the Mohawk language—as a priority for her children, or her grandchildren.

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    CSU Fills Out Councillor Roster

    The results of the Concordia Student Union byelections—held from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29—are in, and will see nine new faces sitting at the table during the CSU’s next regular meeting, scheduled to take place on Dec. 12.

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    Virtual Fears

    From Soldiers to Spiders, Quebec Psychologists Are Pushing the Envelope When It Comes to Using Computers to Fix the Mind.

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    Loyola Trade Workers Pass Mandate for Action

    Loyola Campus’ trade workers voted unanimously on Nov 27 in favor of a mandate to use pressure tactics on the university, including a strike if necessary.

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    ConU Student’s Complaint Accepted by Quebec Human Rights Commission

    A human rights complaint filed by a Concordia student and former employee of Concordia Instructional and Information Technology Services over a string of homophobic and sexist remarks in the workplace could change how universities across Quebec manage issues relating to homophobia on their campuses.

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    Missing and Murdered Mourned

    Demonstrators in 163 cities across Canada took to the streets last Thursday to demand justice for missing and murdered aboriginal women.

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    Gutting the System

    The Supreme Court seemed to be the last bulwark against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s agenda, but it won’t be for long.

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    No Means No 101

    For the first time, Concordia frosh leaders received specialized training on sexual assault and consent this year.