Sociology and Anthropology to Strike

Students Vote to Block Teachers, Allow Students In

The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union held a general assembly on March 6, ending with a majority vote to be on strike in protest of proposed tuition hikes as of Monday. The student association represents about 2,000 undergraduates.

Following presentations by the Concordia Student Union’s Advocacy Centre, Graduate Student Association VP External Holly Nazar and CSU councillor Irmak Bahar, 127 students in attendance voted on the proposed strike mandate.

The motion passed, with 101 students voting in favour of an open-ended, one-week renewable strike beginning March 12. Twenty-three students voted against the mandate, and three abstained.

Following the vote, a discussion was held on how the strike would proceed, and whether those picketing would actively block students from entering class should they want to. It was decided that two different types of picket lines would be held: faculty members will be completely blocked from entering classrooms, while students will be blocked, but ultimately allowed to enter if they so choose.

The next General Assembly for SASU will be held on Tuesday, March 20 at a yet to be determined time.