• ATMs Keep CUSACorp Afloat

    Student Union’s Profit-Making Arm Makes Thousands Off ATM Transactions

    The only thing keeping the Concordia Student Union’s profit-making arm in the black are fees from on-campus ATM transactions.

  • G20 arrests continue

    Three months later, Alex Hundert is nabbed in the night

    Alex Hundert was arrested during the G20 and charged with three counts of conspiracy. Released in early July, his $100,000 bail stated that he could not participate in any public demonstrations.

  • $1 for Tuition

    Anti-tuition campaigns underway on campus

    With a petition on campus, the dollar campaign advertised on every wall and Free Education Montreal organizing events weekly, undergraduate and graduate students hope Concordia President Judith Woodsworth gets the message: Don’t increase tuition.

  • Social Justice in the City

    Professor Speaks Out Against Higher Tuition, Gentrification

    Food and shelter are just the beginning of what a population needs to be happy, said Peter Marcuse at Concordia on Sept. 16—they need to “satisfy their aspirations” too.

  • ‘Revitalizing’ The Point

    Development projects forcing Point St. Charles Residents to Find a New Home

    Like most residents of Point St. Charles, Sue Vaughn is a tenant. She rents an apartment in the same building as her daughter and four grandchildren on Reading Street.

  • Three Credits and a Baby

    Concordia Student Group Aims to Help Student Parents

    The Student Parents Centre of Concordia University and a fledgling student group are working to facilitate the lives of those raising children while pursuing their degree.

  • Don’t Buckle Up

    Leave your Car at Home on Sept. 22

    With 50,000 people choosing to leave their cars at home, Montreal’s eighth edition of En ville, sans ma voiture! will see the creation of one of the largest car-free zones in Canada on Sept. 22 .

  • Concordia Alumni Relations Boss Quits

    The woman responsible for raking in contributions from Concordia’s alumni for the past five years has called it quits.

  • Food Fair Feeds Students Ethically

    Concordia’s Sustainable Food Festival a Hit

    For Sustainable Concordia, eating food isn’t just a dine-and-dash affair—it’s a culinary coming-of-age.

  • Open to Question

    Concordia President Blames Swelling Classroom Sizes on Lack of Funding

    On Sept. 17, Concordia President Judith Woodsworth said that her university’s reputation is on the rise.