Disappointing, but Warranted

Hearing of Morgan Pudwell’s resignation from the Concordia Student Union was disappointing. She has been a consistent strong voice and an incredibly hard worker.

While her resignation was disappointing, it was very warranted.

Morgan took her job seriously, which is evident at nearly every turn. She worked tirelessly to make sure the WHALE was a wintry-hot-success and worked with myself and several others on the Mobilization Committee. At council meetings, she was always prepared, honest and articulate.

Morgan is incredibly well-liked by those she worked with. Except, perhaps, those who remain on the CSU executive.

That she was excluded from meetings, particularly around issues like the student centre, held back from important budget information and even from her own programs, demonstrates serious problems at the CSU.
Something here is broken when nearly half the executive team has resigned or left.

In short, I would like to express my support for Morgan. I know that she did not take this decision lightly and while it’s disappointing to lose a strong voice for sustainability and transparency, she did what had to be done.

—Cameron Monagle,

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 25, published March 8, 2011.