Fringe Arts

  • Montreal, In Verse

    An Introduction to and Exploration of Local Poetry

    Walking down St. Laurent St. and Roy St., one may come across Leah Benetti, a local street poet. She earns her living with her typewriter, writing short poems for curious passersby on a pay-what-you-can basis.

  • Stylishly Underfunded

    Montreal’s Fashion Scene Declines Steadily as Young Designers Pack Up and Leave

    Kristina Spino, a concept designer at Dynamite Group who’s been involved in Montreal’s fashion industry for over a decade, says the influx of foreign giants like Zara and H&M have led to the demise of small retailers.

  • Cabaret Abnormal: All Kinds of Weird

    Sideshow-Style Cabaret Show in Montreal Guarantees You’ll Be Wriggling in your Seat

    On August 5, The Wiggle Room bar will be hosting a performance that is just downright weird. It’s called Cabaret Abnormal.

  • The Last Day: Being a Crybaby at Osheaga

    Melanie Martinez, St. Lucia, and How I Didn’t See Radiohead

    I found myself stressed out in a sea of people who were too fucked up having the time of their lives.

  • Montreal Band Caveboy Plays Debut Osheaga Show

    Trio Released First EP Last Year, Working on Full-Length Album

    It has been a wild year for the group as they released their first EP—titled _Caveboy_—last October and performed at Montreal’s annual summer music festival, Osheaga, this past weekend.

  • It’s Lit: Saturday at Osheaga Recap

    Big Surprise—It Wasn’t That Bad

    Donning their most brightly coloured outfits and their posiest of vibes, 40,000 people showed up en masse to the legendary party that graces the grounds of Parc Jean Drapeau.

  • 2016’s Top 10 Albums So Far

    Sorry, We Couldn’t Wait Until December

    We definitely weren’t expecting this, 2016.

  • Another Osheaga 2016 Guide

    Our List of Who to Look Out for This Weekend

    Osheaga kind of sucks.

  • Fringe Fest’s Sassiest Show

    Calling All Messy Bitches

    Wake up, you’re hungover. You can’t find your wallet. Where are your keys? What happened to your Tinder date last night? Oh god, you haven’t spoken to your parents in over a week. Now you’re late for work.

  • Caravonica is a One Clown Show

    Quit Clownin’ Around!

    Caravonica follows the story of Jan Dutler’s clown persona as he travels around, expressing his passions, ideas, and his naïveté.