Fringe Arts

  • Female-Fronted Punk Bands Rage Against the Manchine

    Pussy Stench, Chârogne, and The Lef70vers Prove Punk Isn’t a Boys Club

    Not becoming seriously recognized as a band is one of the reasons why women in punk may be hesitant to start their own bands.

  • Trippy Nails: Not Your Average Manicure

    Montreal Manicurists’ Pot-Fuelled, Hentai-Loving and Dope Nails Are Changing the Game

    Fingernails are often the first thing you notice about someone’s hands. So what do they reveal about a person?

  • Laureate’s Energetic Sound is Home Bound

    A Review of their Album Landmarks

    Montreal-based pop-punk band Laureate’s album, Landmarks, is jam packed with energy. Here’s our review on it.

  • Much Ado About Shakespeare in the Park

    A review of Repercussion Theatre’s summer production.

    On a hot and sunny July afternoon in Mont Royal Park, I had the pleasure of attending an interpretation of Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado about Nothing by the Montreal theatre company Repercussion Theatre.

  • BEING Celebrates Blackness in Multimedia Expo

    Exploring Hair, Body and Skincare Via Photo, Video and Sound

    Ubuntu Talks’ Chelsy Monie has put together BEING, a multimedia exhibit that explores blackness in hair, skincare, and body

  • A Look Back at the 1960s Through Art and Music

    A Review of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Revolution Exhibit

    The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has a new exhibit called Revolution that gives its audience a glimpse of what it must’ve been like to be a part of the 1960s.

  • Samuele Blends Blues and Folk with Indie and Rock

    A Review of the Album, Les filles sages vont au paradis, les autres vont où elles veulent

    Samuele meshes together blues, indie and rock in her most recent album Les filles sages vont au paradis, les autres vont où elles veulent. Here’s our review on it.

  • I Got Soaked at Osheaga

    Sadness, Oasis’ Wonderwall, Dad Rock and More

    The first day of Osheaga was a little sad. Not sad as in, everything “kinda sucked” sad. No, no, no, it was just fine. Moreso, many of the acts on Friday we’re just objectively sad, and all that raw emotion combined with the rain just made me a little sad by the end of the night. I had also forgotten to pack a raincoat, and my diet of potatoes and beer only was starting to catch up with me

  • Support Some Local Music at This Year’s Osheaga

    A Little Preview of Osheaga 2017

    A sneak peek at what kind of local bands will be making an appearance at this year’s Osheaga.

  • Sasheer Zamata Shows Off Her Stand-Up Self to Montreal

    In First Visit to Just For Laughs, Zamata Talks About Her Life, Race, Women’s Issues

    On a rainy Monday evening, the Katacombes weren’t filled with punk fans. Instead, comedy enthusiasts amassed to witness Sasheer Zamata’s first visit to Montreal. In her first of three 30-minute sets for Off-JFL, the former Saturday Night Live cast member slayed by offering a completely different side to her television self.