Fringe Arts

  • Artist Profile: Chris Michaud

    Our featured graphic artist, Chris Michaud.

  • Film Reviews: “Enhior’hén:ne” and “You Are on Indian Land”

    Cinema Politica Screened Films of Mohawk Resilience, Strength and Sovereignty

    Cinema Politica screened three Indigenous films last week; the first was a beautiful documentary entitled Enhior’hén:ne , which translates to “Tomorrow”, the second was called Ôtênaw , a film about the histories of Indigenous peoples living in and around what is now called ‘Edmonton’, and the third was a film about the engaging 1969 protest by the Kanien’kéhaka (Mohawk) of Akwesasne, You are on Indian Land.

  • Le Cypher Jam Night Celebrates Four Years of Success

    What They Accomplished and What’s Next for the Established Event

    Le Cypher, a local jamming event where established and emerging artists connect and play together every Thursday night, is celebrating their fourth year.

  • Play Review: Imago Theatre Presents “Other People’s Children”

    A Tribute to the Complexities of Motherhood

    Imago Theatre’s production of Other People’s Children is a fine balance of intimate trust between three adults who share the responsibility of raising a child. This play features a new mother, Ilana, in the grips of postpartum depression, who struggles to care for herself and her baby in the early months of parenthood. Ilana faces constant criticism from her husband, Ben, who insists that she needs to bond with her child. The young Canadian couple force their expectations of parenthood onto the other, and end up hiring a nanny named Sati to care for their child.

  • The VAV Gallery’s Second Fall Show Features Pieces That Intrigue the Senses

    The Art of Appropriation and a Tribute to Brazil’s National Museum Meet in “Corrupted Portal”

    Corrupted Portal, the second exhibition of their fall cycle, stands out for the complexity of the art displayed. Ranging from painting and sculpture to video work, the show is colourful and catches the eye.

  • CJLO Women+ Collective Launch a New Feminist Zine

    The Scorn that Keeps on Burning: An Outlet for People to Share and Explore their Feelings of Frustration

    The CJLO Women’s+ Collective launched the first volume of their feminist zine this month. The event was held at the student-run Visual Arts Visuels Gallery on René Lévesque Blvd. last week. A cosy group of roughly 50 to 60 people showed up to buy a copy and listen to a reading of some contributors.

  • “Madame Victoria”: a Book About a Skull and Imaginary Women That Makes You Ponder Life

    Review of a Novel Based on the Real Discovery of Human Remains in Montreal, by Local Author Catherine Leroux

    The novel is based on the real finding of human remains of a woman in the forest nearby the Royal Victoria Hospital of Montreal. Despite performing DNA tests and creating a forensic reconstruction of her face, the body was never identified.

  • The Highs and Lows of the 2012 Student Strikes

    One Exhibit Examines the Emotions Behind the Movement

    Throughout Wednesday and Saturday the 2012 Quebec student strike was revisited in the LB Building in collaboration with Concordia’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.

  • The Black Speculative Arts Movement Convention and the Importance of Black Art

    Afrofuturism and Cultural Appropriation Took Centre Stage During the Panel

    The Black Speculative Arts Movement of Montreal featured a series of panelists for a discussion panel made up of Black artists and creatives last Friday, in an event that was enlightening, educational, and empowering.

  • The VAV Gallery’s “Relics.jpeg” Exhibition Focuses on Materials and Aesthetics

    Ten Concordia Students Exhibit Personal and Political Work in their Most Recent Display

    Less thematic than previous exhibitions, Relics.jpeg , which runs until October 19, was curated with an attention to materials and the physical properties of the artworks. Each piece bears its own story, but the care and research poured into each creation links them all together.