Fringe Arts

  • Triplet Writ

    Smooth over what comes apart,
    smooth it over,
    and with gentle hands she does
    just that: one palm flat against
    her mouth, holding everything in.

  • Montreal-based Suuns release full-length debut album

    Montreal band The Suuns is breaking into the music scene with their debut full-length album entitled Zeros QC. With a distinctive and psychedelic sound, these guys are the next big thing in the indie-rock scene.

  • Harmonious Fusion

    A Space Where The Sacred Meets the Profane

    With Halloween just around the corner and Mexico’s Day of the Dead right after it, the vernissage Inside the Altar fuses North American culture and Mexican folklore to create a space where these two worlds can coexist harmoniously.

  • The Pitfalls of Becoming Mainstream

    Tokyo Police Club Talk Indie Success

    The soul of an indie band dissipates with success—or does it?
    With success in the music industry come accusations from indie fans of being commercial sell-outs, followed by the dreaded classification of being declared “mainstream.”


    Avey Tare
    Down There
    Paw Tracks

    The opening track on Avey Tare’s solo foray, Down There, might bring to your mind strange images of dungeons and other things suited to medieval nights. However, his confident and heavily reverbed voice quickly assures the listener that Tare knows exactly what he is doing and where he wants to take his audience.

  • A Print You Can Believe In

    In 2008, graphic artist Shepard Fairey did what hours of attack ads and millions of campaign dollars couldn’t: he energized people about politics. Fairey’s Obama “Hope” poster likely helped launch the current U.S. President into public office. And he did it for free.
  • Black Mountain Aren’t Hippies Anymore

    West Coast Band Go for a Colder, Harder Sound

    Black Mountain is giving Canadians reasons to get excited about our music scene.

    Starting off as that cool and trippy up-and-coming band from the West Coast, they are now catapulting to new heights with global success.

  • Series Business

    Concordia Co-op Bookstore Hosts Local Legends Readings

    Concordia is home to a host of pretty left-wing, hippy-dippy groovy enterprises to better the lives of its students. Consider: the Really, Really Free Market, The People’s Potato, The Hive, Le Frigo Vert, and so on. Well, there’s another one to consider: The Concordia Community Solidarity Co-operative Bookstore.

  • Quick read

    One May 5, every person in the world is struck with a blinding headache. When this planet-wide brain pain clears, the Earth’s population finds itself experiencing a strange, new ability: Sharing their memories with another person.

  • Lit Writ

    The Laws of Humanity

    Life is but a war of the souls,Thirsty for love,
    Hungry for affection,
    Striving hard to be in control,
    To be the one who gets all the attention,