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Cirque De Boudoir’s Halloween Extravaganza “Goregasm” Blends Fetishes and Electronica

Cirque De Boudoir embraces the unholy trinity with “Goregasm: A Night of Blasphemy.” Photo Philip Faith

Step outside your comfort zone and into an S&M rubber suit—Cirque De Boudoir, the legendary Montreal-based group known for their themed mega-parties, is throwing Goregasm 2013 this weekend.

It’s where the fetishists, curious or veteran players of kink will come to Montreal to celebrate Halloween this year and show off kinky and gory costumes while dancing to EDM and enjoying live circus spectacles and burlesque performances. You can expect to see unholy nuns, diabolical demons and Bloody Marys on the dance floor.

“Goregasm: A Night of Blasphemy” sounds more intimidating than it is—Cirque De Boudoir’s resident DJ and co-founder DJ Davidé, aptly defines Goregasm as “[a] sexy Halloween in one word.”

While this event might not seem to be extremely exotic to the nightlife of Montreal, already renowned for its open sexuality, Goregasm is a party that resides on a different platform than any others in town.

Highlights include a grand costume contest, body painting, wild visuals by co-founder “Bunnyguts,” and bumpin’ club music spun by Davidé himself, as well as a lineup of other DJs.

Davidé describes Cirque De Boudoir as “a unique experience that maintains the high energy pace of a good party while providing live entertainment that is sexy and kinky.”

Davidé recalled when Bunnyguts, VJ and creative director at Cirque De Boudoir, first introduced him to the fetish scene.

“I never took the leap to go [alone],” said Davidé. “But with a partner, who was into it, I had a good excuse to check it out.

“I discovered that the people are very friendly, sexy, and smart,” he continued. “It was OK to be yourself and explore what excites you in a safe non-judgmental environment.”

With that discovery came an idea.

“We saw the potential to put our own spin on the fetish party and bring fetish to the EDM scene, and so CDB [Cirque De Boudoir] was born,” said Davidé.

Davidé and Bunnyguts launched Cirque De Boudoir together in 2006, and were sure to bring a more modern vibe to the fetish scene.

“When it comes to fetish events, these are sexy and kinky environments, but the music is usually stuck in the ’90s goth period,” Davidé said.

Fetishism 101

With erotica novels recently reaching the mainstream, such as E.L. James’s Twilight_-fan-fiction-series-turned-bestsellers _Fifty Shades trilogy, interest about the fetish world is starting to grow.

“We seem to be a gateway to the fetish scene, and as such we have many new faces at each event that are curious about kink and open minded to new experiences that quickly become loyal regulars,” Davidé said.

Some more mainstream proponents of fetishism include Madonna, Lady Gaga, Stanley Kubrick and more. But Bunnyguts says pushing the boundaries of sexuality has a long way to go before being considered kosher.

“True fetishism is still quite underground, although it is starting to gain traction,” she said. “As far as the mainstream, fetishism is still seen as a weird subculture, and a bit scary. We would love for more people to get actively into fetishism—so many people already are fetishists; they just don’t realize it,” she continued.

“With Cirque De Boudoir, we like to give people a safe, supportive and fun place to explore their own creativity, sexuality, kinks and vision for themselves and their world.”

Over the past seven years, Cirque De Boudoir has hosted fetishism events all over the globe, including England, New York City and Las Vegas.

Past events by Cirque De Boudoir include themes such as prohibition in the 1920s, pagan rituals, travelling carnivals and even futuristic science fiction. Bunnyguts’ displayed visual artworks are different for every themed event, and she draws influences from photography, films, comic books, fashion and more.

“I love everything from dark to cute to surreal to trashy,” she said.

“I’m always inspired by the theme. I am a huge cinephile, and watch everything from horror to art films.

“Art, historical periods, and cultures are all huge points of reference, which I remix into my own vision,” she continued.

Davidé explains that choosing the theme “is an organic process” in which the venue can give birth to the theme or where the theme will dictate the venue chosen.

Davidé and Bunnyguts say those finding themselves discretely interested in fetishism will have nothing to fear at Goregasm this weekend, encouraging experimentation and inviting newcomers to come see what it’s all about.

“We are about having fun while exploring sexuality and fetishes in a safe and consensual space,” said Davidé. “We’re edgy and artistic, but not hardcore so there is really nothing to be afraid of if you are curious.”

Goregasm: A Night of Blasphemy [18+] // Oct. 26 // Undisclosed church in Montreal // 9 p.m. // $25+ fees advance, $30 door