• Mobile App!

    We’re working on a really sweet mobile app and we want to know what you’d like to see on it. Help us by answering this really short survey.

  • We’re going to Nash!

    Each year, the Canadian University Press organizes a national conference where student newspapers from all across Canada gather for a week of lectures, workshops and networking with other newspapers and real-world journalists. This year the National Conference (Nash) is happening in Victoria, BC, from January 11 to 15. The Link is sending 8 delegates there.

  • The Link’s Holiday Card Cut-Out Extravaganza!

    Here are some sweet, wintry-themed pictures to stick on the holidays gifts you send to your most loved of loved ones. They’re intended to distract you from the fact that The Link is officially on holidays (or make that acid trip even trippier)!

  • On “No to Movember”

    I screwed up. I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking about how to respond to all of your criticisms to my “No to Movember” article all week—to be honest, I’ve been thinking of little else.

  • David Simard

    Local singer/songwriter David Simard will be releasing his new album Slower, Lower at Casa del Popolo on Nov. 28, with Toronto’s “intimate indie-songstress” Loom as a special guest.

  • Zombie Walk Against Tuition Hikes

    Activists and CSU councillors find a creative way to protest tuition hikes.

  • Sweet Mother Logic

    Sweet Mother Logic play two new songs off their Natural History LP and chat about the new record.

  • Best Photos of the Week: October 25 to 31

    Each week The Link’s photographers cover tons of events, but only a small fraction of the pictures they take ever make it to print.

  • Read The Link on iPads… at the Library!

    Concordia Libraries inaugurated an iPad loan service on Oct. 20.

  • Gauntlet Hair

    With a new album, Top Bunk, hitting the stores on Oct 18, the Denver duo Gauntlet Hair closed their Canadian tour in Montreal before heading down to the American east coast. They performed at Casa del Popolo on Sunday night to a small but welcoming audience.