• Orientation 2011 Gallery

    The Link has been going around taking sneaky (and not so sneaky) photos of Orientation events around campus.

  • Video Breakdown Action & Your Concordia Promotional Play-by-Play

    The CSU election process is relentless. Until the 31st of March rolls around and election results are counted, contested, complained about, and conceded to, we are all going to be inundated with campaign materials.

  • Posters or Posers?

    The Link Discusses Design Aesthetics

    Oh, poster night! That magical time of year for politicos of all stripes to run amok around campus, making noise and donning war paint, all while frantically wallpapering our university’s visual landscape with smiling mugs, campaign promises and pleas for votes.

  • We called it.

    The Link’s cover from on October 5th, 2010.

  • Too Sensational?

    The Link’s editor-in-chief responds to criticism about this week’s cover of the paper, with some calling it too sensational

  • Imitation

  • Full Transcript of the Interview With Alexander MacLeod

    Alex Manley conducted an email interview with Canadian author Alexander MacLeod for “Short Listing,” published in The Link’s Oct. 19 issue. Here’s the full transcript of that interview, touching on MacLeod’s experiences as both son and father, how being shortlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize has changed his life, and the process of writing his debut short story collection, Light Lifting.

  • The Link’s archives

    You can access The Link’s archives at

  • The Link’s POP Montreal Contest

    How is The Link part of your Concordia?

  • Interview with Die Zeit’s Carolin Emcke

    Carolin Emcke is an author, political theorist and war correspondent with German newsmagazine Die Zeit. She has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and Haiti, where she pondered what happens to truth and certainty in wartime. She spoke with The Link in advance of her panel appearance at the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. The following is a transcript of that interview.