• False Knees

    Comic by Joshua Barkman

  • Apartment Building Tensions

    My boyfriend and I are in a committed long-distance relationship. Recently, I moved in with a male friend and I’ve gradually discovered that I have deep feelings for him.

  • Barton Flats

    Comic by Jonathan Woods

  • False Knees

    Comic by Joshua Barkman

  • We Look Different!

    As you can probably tell from our excited tweets and the issue itself, we’ve just gone through part of our redesign at The Link. We’ve given the paper a new sleek feel; we have a new logo [which we’ll be rolling out on the rest of our web content soon], section heads and pagination.

  • Salton Sea

    We brought the guys from Salton Sea to the railroad tracks in Outrement on a Sunday afternoon while they were visiting Montreal, mostly because we knew there would be less trains to dodge on the weekend.

  • A Farewell to the Mirror

    Sometimes, the name of a publication is relevant.

  • Aim Low

    Aim Low find a home for their drone-heavy post rock in Montreal, combing heavily-effected guitars with atmospheric percussion. What better place to experience their brooding, meditative sound than in a church?

  • We’re Number Five!

    A big thank you to all who voted for us in The Montreal Mirror’s annual Best of Montreal reader poll. We ranked #5 in the top ten, after The Gazette, La Presse, Le Devoir and The Mirror itself.

  • Journalism Strategies Panel April 19, 2012

    A few hundred mediaphiles joined up in the belly of Concordia’s Hall Building on the evening of April 19 in the D.B. Clark Theatre to talk about the past, present, and most importantly, the future of journalism.