Tessa Mascia

  • Why the Police in Quebec Keep Ignoring the Far-Right

    Fascism and Policing Go Hand in Hand

    From its historic rise in the early 20th century to Quebec today, fascism and policing have always gone hand in hand.

  • Montreal, In Verse

    An Introduction to and Exploration of Local Poetry

    Walking down St. Laurent St. and Roy St., one may come across Leah Benetti, a local street poet. She earns her living with her typewriter, writing short poems for curious passersby on a pay-what-you-can basis.

  • You Shall Not Pass

    Local Environmental Groups Work To Protect One Of Montreal’s Last Areas Of Wildlife

    Out near the island’s western extremity lies a diverse ecosystem few Montrealers would believe exists in their own city, but that’s exactly what the l’Anse-à-l’Orme green space is: one of the last undeveloped—and unprotected—areas on the island.

  • Panel of Concordia Professors Discuss Consequences of Austerity Measures

    The age of retirement will be raised from 65 to 67 in 2023, the government has been cutting public services and corporations are being taxed at new lows.

  • Pressing Issues

    Local Publisher Metonymy Press Smashes Literary Conventions

    One of the most muted groups is queer-identifying authors, who face roadblocks on the avenues toward publishing written work. Thankfully, organizations exist with the express goal of advocating for marginalized voices in the literary field, including publisher Metonymy Press, a local grassroots organization aiming to support such voices.

  • ASFA Elections Begins Today

    Here Are the Candidates

    Elections for representatives of undergraduate Arts and Science students begin today, and many candidates are vying for seven executive spots, as well as five open councillor positions.