Pierre Chauvin

  • Welcome to From the Archives!

    Starting this week, From The Archives will be bringing you articles from deep in the past volumes of The Link or The Georgian and Loyola News, The Link ’s ancestors, relevant to current events tackled in our latest issue.

  • Who’s Really Spoiled?

    Hike-Supporters: Be a Part of the Solution

    Spoiled brats. For months, those two words were at the forefront of the anti-strike rhetoric.

  • Striking Back

    Foundation 1625 Looks to Support Student Lawsuits

    On Aug. 30, Kim Laganière and Mihai Adrian Draghici launched a class action lawsuit against 25 CEGEPs and universities asking for compensation for the strike’s impact on their studies.

  • A Decade After

    A Look Back at the 2002 Netanyahu Riot

    On Sept. 9, 2002, for the first time in 30 years, riot police were deployed around the Sir George Williams campus of Concordia University to contain a protest.

  • From Printemps Érable to Printemps Espagne

    Two-Week Strike Held at Spanish Universities

    On May 22, while students and opponents of Bill 78 flooded the streets of Montreal, a similar protest was taking place in Spain.

  • Night Demo Ends with Mass Arrests

    Over 500 Fined in 30th Nightly Protest

    The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal employed a different tactic to bring an end the 30th consecutive night of…

  • “The Government Changed the Rules”

    Controversial Bill 78 Passed by National Assembly

    After almost 20 hours of non-stop debate and loud opposition by civil liberties associations, student associations, the Quebec Bar Association and opposition MNAs, Bill 78 was passed by the Quebec National Assembly with 68 in favour, and 48 opposed.

  • Week 14: Still In The Streets

    New Education Minister, More Protests

    After 14 long weeks, the Quebec student strike continues to rattle the province.

  • Cost of an Occupation

    McGill Admin Reveals #6party Racked Up $141K Tab

    It’s been almost two months since the James Building occupation at McGill University ended, but the party isn’t over just yet. An Access to Information request submitted by The Link revealed that the #6party occupation came with a #6figure…

  • Hard Line From Admin

    A Ban at McGill, Alleged Assault at ConU

    Concordia Security is under fire after one of their personnel allegedly hit a student on Monday morning.

  • Political Science Students Vote to Strike

    A strike motion asking students not to go to class was passed during the PSSA General Assembly this afternoon.

  • This Week in Protests

    Several Rallies Result in Violence

    March 7 and 8 were busy days for protesters, as the causes of tuition, police brutality, and women’s rights were all represented in four different events within 24 hours.

  • Riot Cops End Student Vigil

    Protesters Gather After Student Hit by Stun Grenade

    A student vigil was violently broken up by riot cops near Berri-UQAM the night of March 7.

  • Student Tuition Protest Ends in Violence

    Riot Police Stop Attempted Occupation of CREPUQ Offices, Student May Lose Eye

    A large impromptu student protest against tuition hikes moved through Montreal’s busy downtown streets March 8.

  • PSSA Strike Cancelled Amid Controversy

    Questions Surrounding GA Lead to Calls for Exec Impeachment

    Early Tuesday morning, the Political Science Student Association sent an email to its membership informing them that the strike motion was to be cancelled until further notice.

  • Nah’msayin?

    It came to my attention last week, in the wake of the tragic death of the escalators in the Hall Building (requiescat in pace) that a certain number of Concordia students don’t know how to use a pretty basic, time-honoured human invention—the stairs.

  • What Occupation?

    #6party Ends at McGill

    After five days of occupying the James Building, the #6party-ers were evicted Sunday morning.

  • Occupy McGill Enters 4th Day

    #6party People Yet to Negotiate With Admin Over Demands

    The occupation on the 6th floor of the James Administration building has now entered its third day.

  • Familiar Territory

    McGill Administration Building Occupied—Again

    Approximately 20 students occupied the 6th floor of the McGill administration building Feb. 7, calling it a “surprise resignation party” for Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson.

  • CUTV, Inc.

    Confusion Reigns as Campus TV Station Incorporates

    CUTV, Concordia’s television station, took the first steps towards restructuring itself and gaining some independence from the Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation, the umbrella organization that oversees CUTV and radio station CJLO.