Pierre Chauvin

  • Let the Sun Go Down

    Last week, the Sun News Network reported that the Francophone branch of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Radio-Canada, was using taxpayer money to air so-called “pornography.”

  • McGill Admin Rejects Referendum

    Students May Have to Vote on CKUT and QPIRG’s Fate Again

    McGill’s radio station, CKUT, and the McGill-operated Quebec Public Interest Research Group might be fighting for their lives after a student-wide referendum keeping them afloat has been rendered inadequate by the university’s administration.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Stop Sucking Up to Profs!

    You’re in school trying to follow your class/not fall asleep. And then, that student—you know the one—raises his /her hand.

  • McGill Riot Report

    Sixty-Page Security Scrutiny Released

    Almost two months after the events of Nov. 10, when riot police physically dispersed students on the McGill University campus after the anti-tuition hike protests, a report on the incident authored by Dean of Law Daniel Jutras has been released.

  • Let the Press Pass

    SPVM Fails to Recognize Non-Mainstream Media

    I went to Occupy Montreal as a reporter from The Link. I was covering the event for a legitimate publication, bearing a Link press pass as proof I was doing so.

  • Little Black Box

    McGill, Pepper Spray and the Arab Spring

    Last week as I was perusing the Internet, I came across the writings of third-year McGill Student Teddy Weinstein on the National Post’s Full Comment blog.

  • Aftermath of a Mutiny

    Students Condemn University Actions at “We Are All McGill”

    An estimated 1,000 McGill students participated in an open-air discussion and general assembly on Nov. 14, designed for members of the community to talk about the recent altercation between students and riot police on campus.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Passing Gas

    Just imagine—you’ve been working for hours on a paper in the library, you’re exhausted, your eyes are bleeding from caffeine intoxication, and the deadline is drawing ever closer. Then, all of a sudden, your train of thought is disturbed by a sneaky, near-lethal gastric emanation: your neighbour has farted.

  • McGill Students Barred From Admin Building

    Tensions Remain Day After Tuition Hike Clashes

    In response to yesterday’s scuffle between students and Montreal police, several McGill graduate students and professors decided to bring a letter of demands to members of the administration, but were not allowed to enter the James Administration Building.

  • Bonus Money

    Extra $10K Given to CEO and Deputies After 2011 Election

    During a “preliminary meeting” of the Judicial Board on the morning of Oct. 28, it was revealed the former Chief Electoral Officer and three Deputy Electoral Officers received $10,000 in bonus money to attend JB meetings at the close of last year’s election.

  • Screams In The Hall

    Concordia On: Zombie Apocalypse

    With the world economy crumbling, #Occupy protests happening throughout the world and a general depressive trend in world news, we decided to ask students about a more festive topic this week: Halloween.

  • Nerd In The Hall

    How Geeky Are You?

    For The Link’s first-ever Nerd Special Issue we decided to take to the halls of Concordia and find out what how nerdy ConU students actually are. We asked students what the nerdiest thing about them was. Here’s what they said.

  • Heard in the Hall

    What Students Want From Their Space

    This week, the CSU officially said “no” to the Faubourg Ste-Catherine as the official site of the student centre. Now that negotiations on the contract have been put on hold, our union has over $8 million to spend on student space downtown.

  • Heard in the Hall

    To Strike or Not to Strike?

    Tuition fees are on the rise, so we thought we’d ask students how far they’d go to stop them from going up. We roamed the halls of ConU to see if students would support going on strike for the sake of affordable education. Here’s what they had to say about it.

  • Police Brutality–Caught on Tape

    See It For Yourself

    Over the past few days, a controversial YouTube video has been making the rounds. It shows police officers from the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal intervening in a scuffle on St. Laurent Blvd.

  • Where Are the Clubs?

    Associations and Clubs at Concordia represent a hugely important part of student life—and there are so many to choose to match your interests.

  • Where’s the Library?

    No matter what you’re studying, at some point in your student life, you will have to go to the library. It’s an inevitable step in university, for better and (often) for worse.

  • Heard in the Hall

    Why Concordia ?

    With the start of every school year there comes a slew of new students roaming the hallways. With four major universities to choose from in the city, we asked them—why ConU?
  • Man and Beest

    Concordia Honorary Degree Recipient Theo Jansen Talks to The Link About His Creations

    On June 22, Dutch artist Theo Jansen received an honorary degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts for his work designing and building Strandbeests, huge animal-like machines made of plastic tubes, powered by wind and with the ability to ‘walk.’

  • Concordia Graduation Ceremony: Highlights

    From June 20 to 22, Concordia University held its summer graduation ceremony at the Wilfrid Pelletier Concert Hall.