Laura Beeston

  • Fringe Arts

    “Not a Crazy Dream”

    After five years of indie-influenced community, retail and art, Headquarters Galerie + Boutique will be holding their final vernissage this Friday, Jan. 14, before closing their doors and moving on to craftier pastures.

  • Sports

    Women’s Hockey Back in Action

    Skating off the holiday cobwebs, the Concordia Stingers women’s hockey team faced the Queen’s University Gaels last night in exhibition play at Ed Meagher Arena, losing narrowly in a shootout after three tough periods and a five-minute overtime.

  • Opinions


    Okay, someone’s got to ask what everyone is thinking: what the hell are we all doing here? It’s January 3rd! Why are we back in school already?

  • Jillian Page’s Uncut Interview

    A copy editor at The Gazette for nearly 40 years, Page’s blog, Patent Pending, was the first of its kind in Montreal when it came into being at the beginning of her transition, from Bill to Jill, in 2008.

  • Link Alum Lina Harper on Queers, Media and The Real World

    At least that was the attitude of Lina Harper, Montreal-based journalist, blogger and Concordia alumna-turned-queer-media-maverick, when asked if we could pick her brain about our upcoming queer issue.

  • Jillian Page:  A Liberated Woman

    Jillian Page is a Male to Female Montreal trailblazer.
    Actually,­ let’s rephrase that: she’s a fierce, female pioneer at this point.

  • News

    A Bottle Panel

    Water privatization was the topic on the table at a panel on Nov. 24, as insiders from the beverage industry, academics and environmental researchers were invited to debate both sides of banning water bottles on campus.

  • Opinions


    Last week, for the second time in less than a year, a clear majority of Concordia students voted no.
    No to real estate decisions made without student input. No to speeding up the process on a long term, potentially volatile and unprecedented commercial contract. No to increasing fees to fund a $50 million stab at student space.

  • News

    Retail to Pay the Rent

    Though both the administration and the Concordia Student Union admit the projected annual budget to buy and operate a Student Union Building is “very preliminary,” the anticipated cost to students is estimated at $2.6 million per year.

  • News

    Document, Decoded

    The Concordia Student Union has no Plan B.
    Plan A? A contract signed in 2009, which the administration has called “the roadmap” into the future of our student centre.
    But acknowledging that the current 79-page contract between the CSU and Concordia administration “isn’t perfect” over the weekend, VP External & Projects Adrien Severyns set out to explain some of its stipulations regarding the operational cost, ownership and terms of agreement.

  • News

    ConU Inc. Author Speaks With The Link

    According to Concordia’s administration, David Bernans is a risk to be assessed.
    Making headlines after the university’s Risk Assessment Committee banned him from holding a book reading on campus in 2006, the author of Con U Inc. and North of 9/11 will speak on Wednesday as part of a week-long “Ask Why” awareness campaign organized by various student groups.

  • News

    An Affordability Issue: Property CEO

    Adding two hours onto the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ Council meeting on Nov. 11, Jonathan Wener, the chairman and CEO of one of the largest property firms in the city, told councillors that a proposed student union building was worth the price students would pay for it.

  • News

    Water Bottle Free Possibilities

    Extending a proverbial olive branch to student leaders, campus activists and the press, Concordia’s administration sent an e-mail detailing the future of water bottle negotiations on campus a week after renewing an exclusive beverage contract with PepsiCo.

  • News

    Missing Women, Missing Money

    Last week, the Minister of State for Status of Women Canada, Rona Ambrose, detailed the federal government’s $10 million national strategy to address the disproportionately high number of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

  • News

    A ‘Breach of Trust’

    On his final Friday on the job, outgoing Concordia University VP Services Michael Di Grappa received a goodbye gesture he certainly won’t forget.

  • News

    Water Timeline

    The Concordia Student Union is cut out from negotiations with PepsiCo. and the administration due to financial disagreements.
    The CSU places a vending machine outside their offices “as a principled stand,” against Pepsi exclusivity. “We should have a say on what services are provided for us,” said the CSU.

  • News

    You Steep What You Sow

    Crouched in the RealiTEA garden on Loyola campus amongst the Silver Absinthe, Leopard Lilly and Peppermint, a dozen students and community members harvested herbs for tea-making on Oct. 28 at the Concordia Food Systems Project’s final skill share.

  • Opinions


    I picked up a copy of La Presse on Tuesday and read a screaming headline that old people—yes, old people—are smoking pot, getting high, and loving it.

  • News

    Bathroom Activism

    Two weeks after 12 single-stall restrooms in the EV building were “gender neutralized” by an anonymous guerrilla sign maker, the Concordia administration stated that the project to create dedicated gender-neutral bathrooms on campus is currently “on hold.”

  • News

    Concordia Waits to Turn it In

    After testing the American anti-plagiarism software Turnitin on roughly 500 students over the summer semester, Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Services has postponed a school-wide implementation of the project until further notice, citing privacy concerns.