Water Timeline

The Concordia Student Union is cut out from negotiations with PepsiCo. and the administration due to financial disagreements.

The CSU places a vending machine outside their offices “as a principled stand,” against Pepsi exclusivity. “We should have a say on what services are provided for us,” said the CSU.

TAPthirst Concordia is cofounded by Laura Beach.

MARCH—Students discover that the 13-year PepsiCo. exclusivity Contract expires Dec. 10,

MAY 12—Beach meets with Marc Gauthier, who makes a verbal agreement that no movement will be made on the PepsiCo. contract until all parties meet.

JUNE 17— Johanne De Cubellis writes in an e-mail to Beach, “We will have a meeting with Pepsi and provide opportunity for information exchange–therefore no negotiations or decisions have/will be made prior.”

TUESDAY, OCT. 26— Sustainable Concordia and TAPthirst are given an anonymous tip that “an agreement in principle” has been made and the PepsiCo. contract is to be signed on Friday. Within minutes, Di Grappa confirms with The Link.

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 27—Students gather at Norman Bethune Square in protest of the PepsiCo. contract and a lobbyist from Nestlé meeting with the administration. Students stage a sit-in in the GM.

THURSDAY, OCT. 28— ConU issues a statement “The university has decided to renew its contract with Pepsi, however, the extension of the contract and the university’s position on bottled water are independent of each other.”

FRIDAY, OCT. 29—Beach serves three administrators a Mise en Demeure for breach of trust. It is also Di Grappa’s last day in office.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 12, published November 2, 2010.