Gettin’ Groovy With Granny

Graphic Vivien leung

I picked up a copy of La Presse on Tuesday and read a screaming headline that old people—yes, old people—are smoking pot, getting high, and loving it.

The half-page colour picture of an unidentified pair of wrinkled lips sucking on a lighted pipe, coupled with the huge headline font, led me to infer that I should be scandalized by this discovery. Or something.
But you know what? I wasn’t.

I mean, I wasn’t personally around for the crazy days of the Quiet and/or Sexual Revolution and the colourful underbelly of antiestablishment, accepted drug use and free lovin,’ but these people were—they did it then and they’re doing it now.

So how is it front-page newsworthy that these stoner oldies, who were once young and liked to party, eventually got old and still like to party—while medicinally relieving their arthritis to boot?

I’m pretty happy to read that our respected elders are still doing as they’ve always done—enjoying the higher things in life and not abiding by any social prescriptions of how they should be acting at their age.

Besides, who wouldn’t be psyched if granny or granddad decided to strike a J during the requisite Sunday family dinner, or pass the peace pipe as they tell you (once again) how it was when they were kids?
It’s alllllllll good, granddaddy-o.

—Laura Beeston,
Managing Editor

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 12, published November 2, 2010.