Clément Liu

  • Special Issue

    On the Gazette’s Redesign

    The new logo doesn’t say, “trust me.” Now it just whispers “I’m from Toronto,” or, more specifically, “My design was outsourced to Hamilton.”

  • Special Issue

    Smart Stuff for Your Smartphone

    From an app that tracks your bike rides to an open platform wrist watch, here are some of the coolest new add-ons for your smartphone.

  • Our Lego Cover Isn’t a Stock Photo

    We had just sent our cover to the printers, and the first thing I said was “Shit, people are going to think this is a stock photo”

  • Special Issue

    The Science & Technology Issue

    We’ve built the means to destroy both ourselves and our environment—but now how do we use these tools to fix these vitally human problems?

  • Special Issue

    Alt, Alt Energy

    And You Thought Corn Was Innovative. Here Are Hour New Forms of Energy That’ll Really Blow Your Mind. (One of Them Is a Floating Wind Farm.)